You won’t believe this but Conan Chop-Chop is delayed

The April Fools’ Joke 2019 is currently aiming for release in 2021.

Remember Conan Chop-Chop? It began life as an April Fool’s joke in 2019, but a few months later Funcom announced that it was actually a real game that would debut in September of that year — a quick change for a simple silly game. But then it was delayed, by early 2020, so the development team could add more players online.

players online

Then it was delayed again, arriving a little later in 2020. And then again, to an in defining date, but still in 2020.

Now, with just 15 days left in 2020, that’s happened again: Funcom announced today that the game is delayed almost real and really – but not completely – completed, and therefore will now launch around the first quarter of 2021.

In recognition of his credit, Funcom acknowledged in the delayed announcement that the whole thing had turned into a goat game, but stressed that “this time we mean it’s real.” It also says that the scope of the game has increased significantly compared to the original plan and that it now supports local and online co-op play with an increased number of random events, traps, bosses, and items combinations — which is why It took so long.

I think I’d be a little sad if (if) Conan Chop Chop really became a real, playable game. It’s not Duke Nukem Forever, but there’s something magical about a gag game that quickly spins out of control and it will eventually be delayed as many times as Cyberpunk 2077. Call me if you want, but I’ll feel really lost when that disappears.

Of course, there is practically no release date yet, so anything can happen. While you’re waiting to see how that goes, you can learn more about what’s certain (maybe) going to be a playable game in 2021 on Steam or at

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