Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophies List

The eighth game in the Yakuza series, Yakuza: Light a Dragon, comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. A PlayStation 5 version comes out in early 2021 with backward and cross-gen compatibility. It’s not a bad starting place for those who have yet to play any of the titles. There are many new features in Like a Dragon, and a lot of aspects get an overhaul in this version. For one, there is a new battle system, which is now turn-based. All of the trophies are also obtainable through a regular playthrough. Here’s a complete Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophies List for all those completionists out there.

The total trophy list has a total of 65, with 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 3 Silver, and 58 Bronze. Find a complete list down below, including how to unlock them, and a description of each.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Trophies List

Here is the complete trophy list for Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Trophy Title Trophy How to unlock
The New Dragon Platinum Obtain all trophies in the game.
Victory of the Millennium Gold Beat the True Final Millennium Tower.
Fulfiller of Dreams Silver Complete the last dungeon in Premium Adventure mode.
Jack of All Trades Silver Raise seven jobs’ ranks to the max.
Thank You Silver Complete the main story’s Final Chapter.
A New Hero Bronze Raise a Part-time Hero member rank to Executive Hero.
A New Legend Bronze Raise a Part-time Hero member rank to Senior Hero.
Aggressive Executive Bronze Buy up over 10 companies.
Awakening Dragon Bronze Reach level 10 with Kasuga.
Can Quest Hero Bronze Beat all can-collecting courses.
Career Counseling Bronze Chance party members’ jobs to something other than default and win a battle.
Certified Genius Bronze Obtain ten+ certificates from the vocational school.
End of an era Bronze Completed Chapter 12 in the main story.
Fate of Our Fathers Bronze Completed Chapter 13 in the main story.
Fight on the Sidewalk! Bronze Run over someone with a car in battle.
Food for Thought Bronze View over twenty Table Talk scenes.
For the Family Bronze Completed Chapter 1 in the main story.
Friends From Work Bronze Max the Bond Level of Eri.
Friends in Low Places Bronze Max the Bond Level of Nanba.
Friends in the Gang Bronze Max the Bond Level of Zhao.
Friends Like Sisters Bronze Max the Bond Level of Saeko.
Friends on the Force Bronze Max the Bond Level of Adachi.
Friends with Familiar Faces Bronze Max the Bond Level of Joon-gi.
Gear Fanatic Bronze Collect 100+ pieces of gear.
Gear Hoarder Bronze Collect 200+ pieces of gear.
Gotta Catch ‘Em All Bronze Register over 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex.
Heir to the Legend Bronze Beat the Sotenbori Battle Arena.
Heroes and Villains Bronze Completed Chapter 3 in the main story.
Honk-Honk Hero Bronze Find all the people to give you a ‘honk-honk.’
I Wanna Be the Very Best Bronze Register 100+ Sujimon to the Sujidex.
Ignition Bronze Completed Chapter 6 in the main story.
Illuminations Bronze Completed Chapter 10 in the main story.
Job Hopper Bronze Change Kasuga to three different jobs.
Life Experiences Bronze Change Kasuga to eight different jobs.
Like a Dragon Bronze Reach level 50 with Kasuga.
Make That Money Bronze Exceed 10 billion yen for the Kasuga company.
Man About Town Bronze Play ten or more minigames.
Master of the Road Bronze Reach max on one jobs’ rank.
Master of Trades Bronze Reach max on three jobs’ rank.
New Digs! Bronze Move Kasuga’s company to a new office.
Playing With Fire Bronze Have intimate relations with more than two female characters.
Pop the Cork Bronze Beat all Dragon Kart cups and rival races.
Pound It Bronze Call for Poundmates thirty times.
Presidential Power Bronze Make Kasuga’s company the top in Yokohama.
Professional Bronze Max out one job rank.
Rising Dragon Bronze Reach level thirty with Kasuga.
Rock Bottom Bronze Complete Chapter 2 in the main story.
Romance of the 10 Pieces Bronze Make ten pieces of gear at Romance Workshop.
Romancing the Forge Bronze Fully upgrade equipment at the Romance Workshop.
Ryu Ga Gotoku Bronze Reach level 70 with Kasuga.
Sleep Sheep Slapper Bronze Watch all the movies at the theater without falling asleep.
Smoked Bronze Complete Chapter 5 in the main story.
Soap on Rope Bronze Complete Chapter 4 in the main story.
Sound Character Bronze Max one of Kasuga’s personality stats.
Stories of the Streets Bronze Complete 40+ substories.
Stories to Live Bronze Complete 20+ substories.
Stories to Tell Bronze Complete 10+ substories.
Super Human Bronze Max out Kasuga’s personality stats.
The Dragon Stirs Bronze Complete Chapter 11 in the main story.
The Statesman Bronze Complete Chapter 8 in the main story.
The Torch is Passed Bronze Complete Chapter 14 in the main story.
Three Spiders Bronze Complete Chapter 7 in the main story.
Time to Talk Bronze Complete Chapter 9 in the main story.
Treasure Displeasure Bronze Get a creep to crawl out of a safe.

We recommend playing through the the story, as there is not any chance you can miss any of the trophies like that. There is nothing specific to side quests. After completing the game, you can go back and do any of the side story quests you may have missed, along with minigames and Hero objectives.

To get platinum, you will need to beat the True Final Millenium Tower, which is a bit of a challenge. The first post-Adventure dungeon is Final Millenium tower, which is not too bad. You can clear it after finishing up the side quests. For the True Final Millenium Tower, You will want to power your characters up to the max. Once you do that, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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