XERA Survival – Best Settings FPS and Sight

FPS Combat Guide

This will help you with the best FPS and PVP role.

Here are the settings you will need and use when playing XERA Survival.

xera survival fps combat guide

Yes I’m playing 4:3 stretched at 1280×960 this will give me a big one up because everyone I will come into contact with will be much fatter and will be easier to kill in a gun fight.

And with the Graphic settings I get around 100 to 200 fps in and out of cities. I also can see things more clearly and it’s less blurry for the human eye.

My specs are a GTX 1080 TI 11GB from ZOTAC, i7740 X from intel, and 16GB or ram. But I still think my settings will still help others in combat.

Also you do not have to play stretched but it will give you a major advantage over others.

To play 4:3 stretched you will need to go into Graphics cards control panel and change the native size to “FULL SCREEN” and then it should not use “Black Bars” please Note.

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