X4 Foundations – How to Open Lockboxes

So there’s some lockboxes lying around in space, but i can’t seem to open them.

How do You Open Lockboxes?

  • First Way

Watched Cohh find the incorrect and correct ways of opening lockboxes. There are little red sectors, which are the locks, on these lockboxes. Shooting these red sectors with a light (extreme emphasis on light) weapon will destroy the locks without compromising the hull integrity of the box.

  • Second Way

How do I open lockboxes?

There are red markers on them, you must shoot at extactly that spot. anywhere else and you will destroy them. Also, if there is more than one lock, don’t use burst lasers, because even if the first shot is a hit, the next one will hit the box in the wrong spot. For those it’s best to use hand laser from space suit or single shot weapons if u have any on ship.

  • Last Way

You use the spacesuit hand laser, get really close, and try hit the lock coming and going as it zips by. After a few shots on the same lock, it’ll break. Takes ages, but the plus side is you’re unlikely to blow up the prize. Try it, it works.

  • Other

If you have multiple weapons, disable all but one. You only need one shot to hit each lock.
Look at the dot that follow the mouse around, that is your hit indicator, where the shot will hit once you fire. Then, if possible, align yourself at such an angle so that the target lock – at some point in its rotation – be “exposed” with only space behind it. That way if you miss, you hopefully won’t hit the box. Make sure you only fire one shot. Repeat for all the locks.

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