Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Heightmap How to Make and Import?

Heightmap How to Make and Import?

Some software to convert your glorious heightmap to format recognized by “Soviet Republic.”

Two free tools:

How to Generate Heightmap?

You can make heightmap from scratch, or you can generate heightmap based on real terrains.

Two sites:

Both sites are easy to use. You need to export image from this site in any format (jpg/png).

Workers Resources Soviet Republic heightmap make and import 1

Choose part of San Francisco Bay.

When you export image from these sites, in graphics editor you have to prepare this file for Soviet Republic World Editor.

Working With Graphics Editor

World Editor use 2048*2048 pixels heightmap, so you need to resize your file to these dimensions. Then change image mode to greyscale.

And remember:

  • Darker = lower terrain
  • Brighter = higher terrain

When you finish your heightmap, you have to do one, little thing before you export file.
You have to make 2 pixels width, black border. Without this border you can see some visual glitches on map borders in game.

Now you can export .dds file. Format of .dds file:

  • BC1/DXT1 or R32F, no MIPmaps.

Working With World Editor

Now you can import prepared DDS in World Editor.

But,  What is this? Terrain looks like from “Minecraft”

Workers Resources Soviet Republic heightmap make and import 2

It’s typical. After importing, use terrain smoothing tool to improve quality of your heightmap.

Workers Resources Soviet Republic heightmap make and import 3

Optionally you can scale and offset your terrain.

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