Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Der Nachtfalter Secrets

Der Nachtfalter Secrets

We have prepared a detailed description of secrets that you may find in the first location during Der Nachtfalter mission.

Floppy Disks

The first floppy disk (in Wolfenstein: Youngblood) can be found in the first location of the game – Der Nachtfalter.

Der Nachtfalter Door Code

Wolfenstein Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Secrets 1

You will find the first diskette in the first main mission. It’s lying on a nearly empty table. Next to it there is a pile of empty papers.

You need this floppy disk to complete your story mission, so you have to find it.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Secrets 2

Use the floppy disk on any computer so the game may count it as a found treasure. You can choose any computer, it is not imposed by the game.

Cassette Tapes

In location of Der Nachtfalter you will only find one tape.

Lothar Recording no. 1

Wolfenstein Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Secrets 3

You will find the first cassette by completing the first task in the game, in the location called Der Nachtfalter. Right in front of the location, where you fight with the boss, you will also find a desk. There will be a tape recorder and a cassette that you can pick up.

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