Why the Battle for Azeroth Takes Place: A Profile of WoW Legend

There are a few hundred more centuries left, but our guide will make sense of the Titans, the Soul of the World, and the banshee queens.

The battle for Azeroth will begin this week, with the latest expansion of World of Warcraft once again focusing on the bloody conflict between Alliance and Horde. But what are we fighting for? How did we all get here Why is there a moon-sized sword jutting out of the desert? The legend of the Warcraft universe is quite broad and complex, so this is the cede worksheet version with TL; DR (Too long; don’t read) for each section in case you really just want the highlights.

Why the Battle for Azeroth is happening A quick WoW lore primer

A long time ago – The Titans had disagreements
Long, long, long before the first life on Azeroth, there were super-powerful cosmic creatures called Titans. They wander around ordering the universe, filling the planets with servants made of rock and metal. Many of Warcraft’s races are descendants of these Titans, including dwarves and humans. The new Titan, we all know recently, was born from the Soul World, of which Azeroth is one. Well, basically we live on a giant Titan egg. That will become important later.

Now there is a Titan named Sargeras, who doesn’t really see the eye facing the rest of the Titan Pantheon. He discovers other crazy space creatures called void lords sending their Lovecraftian servants, known to the Azerothians as Old Gods, clinging to the spirits of the world as parasites in the hope that they will give birth to a Dark Titan. That would be really bad, but the other Titans don’t like Sargeras’ proposed solution… It is destroying all the world’s souls and so all life in the universe to nothing to the corrupt Lord’s Void. You can not spoil living things without any creatures. So Sarge began his own work, creating an evil army called the Burning Legion.

TL; DR: The Titans hatched from the planets. But the Void Lords want to create a bad Titan, which would be very bad. Sargeras thinks the best way to stop this is to bring together a bunch of demons and destroy all the planets, but others claim that this is quite a lot.

A long time ago – Azeroth had a bad case about the old gods
Finally, the Titans appear on Azeroth… only to find that the Lords of Nowhere sent four old gods there and they were having an ancient period of rule over the StrangeLy Named Black Empire. With the help of their titan-strengthened servants, the Titans defeated the old gods, and the Titans’ father, Aman’Thul, grabbed the old god Y’Shaarj and ripped him apart. As it turns out, this is a very bad idea, which causes the continent of Pandaria (were those sweet pandas come from) to be hampered by Y’Shaarj’s echo called Sha that feeds on negative emotions and starts all kinds of trouble. this day. Until they can figure out how to actually kill an Old God without let that happen again, the Titans decide to imprison them in Azeroth and temporarily call it well.

Over time, however, the influence of Old Gods was felt as they slept peacefully. Among other things, they caused Titan to stick to the Curse of meat, which is why the man was created from meat rather than iron (as originally intended by the Titans) today. Even so, things have been pretty good for a while. Some trolls drink magic wells, turn into the immortal Night Elf and establish the next great empire.

TL; DR: The old gods ruled Azeroth for a while until the Titans decided to end it. However, it turns out that killing them has really unfortunate side effects, so instead they are put in the Old God Jail deep under the ground. Oh, and guys are a big deal now.

10,000 years ago – War of the Ancients
At the height of the Night Elf empire, the Burning Legion stumbled upon Azeroth and realized it had a World-soul, so it was obvious that they felt the need to burn it down. One of Sargeras’ leading demon generals, Archimonde, realizes that he can use the Eternal Well, which created the Night Elves, as a source of energy to open a gate large enough for all his demonic buds to pass by and attack. With the help of powerful Dragon Aspects (with the exception of Deathwing, who went crazy for sleeping old gods), several Night Elf heroes — including brothers Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage, and their mutually loving interest, the moon priestess Tyrande Whisperwind — defeated the Legion and saved the world.

In the midst of all this, Well of Eternity became nuclear and brought what at that time was a single superconcond continent into the land of Azeroth as we know it today. The Night Elf ruler, Queen Azshara (who collaborated with the Legion because she was corrupt and lusted for power when they all escaped) fell into the ocean along with some of her followers and they were turned into serpentine nagas. Rumor has it that she will become a fairly important character in the Battle for Azeroth.

TL; DR: After the first match of the playoffs, it was Azeroth: 1, Legion: 0. Except for really strong magic well that was blown up and now Azeroth has a lot of continents and a really angry snake lady who lives underwater and still wants revenge.

About 33 years ago – Orcs and humans
Over several centuries, the events of WarCraft RTS and WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness originally included the collision of Azeroth and the homeworld orc of Draenor. Later, Sargeras spoiled the Orcish race with fel energy in an attempt to use them as assault troops for his second invasion of Azeroth. With the help of the Spoiled Guardian, Medivh — Azeroth’s version of Captain America — he opened the Dark Gate to Draenor’s Orc World and put his Orc army on the path of destruction, opposed by humans, dwarves, giants, and high gobies (distant cousins of night goers who have advanced to become lower and lower less purple) of the Eastern Kingdom of Azeroth.

After two devastating wars, a group of Azerothian heroes arrived in Draenor to stop the invasion at the source. But orc Ner’zhul began to open many gates to other worlds, which instability both the planet and blew it up. What remains of it becomes Outland, the setting for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. As for Ner’zhul, his soul was taken out into space by Kil’Jaeden, one of the burning legion’s other main generals, and given a crown and given spiritual powers to control the undead — the first Lich King.

TL; DR: Sargeras decides to damage the Orcs and use them to destroy Azeroth. Things did not go well and the orc homeworld exploded, leaving many of them stranded in Azeroth. One of their former leaders became the king of zombies.

About 23 years ago – Legion is back
After the defeat of the Orcs, Sargeras used Ner’zhul to feed an army of the dead to attack Lordaeron, the most powerful kingdom of mankind. Jumping in to protect it were super knight Uther the Lightbringer, crown prince Arthas Menethil, and a talented m wizard, Jaina Proudmoore, daughter of Admiral Kul’Tiras — a naval power that would form half the main setting in Battle for Azeroth. However, things are not quite as they thought, as Arthas is being spiritually seduced by Ner’zhul to Northrend and become a physical container for the Lich King. Arthas claims the sword cursed Frostmourne, went crazy, and began killing everyone.

Jaina runs for allies on the continent of Kalimdor, home of the Night Elf. Arthas killed his father, took the throne, and proceeded to actually do some things on Lordaeron and the noble gory kingdom of Quel’Thalas. His destruction of go goa gory was opposed by Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner, whom he killed and raised as Queen Banshee during his service. She is very, very unhappy about this and will eventually be free to form her own faction of vengeful, free-willed corpses, The Forsaken.

TL; DR: This time Sargeras decided to try zombies. Lordaeron’s prince was seduced by the Lich King with a magic sword, stabbed his father to death, stabbed to death the general of the gory army, and brought the following back as a bad zombie queen.

Everyone to the tree!
Meanwhile, an Orc escaped and a pit veteran named Thrall led his men (who had been taken by humans to a post-Second World War internship camp) to Kalimdor after Medivh (whom I guess is good) appeared to him and told him everything went to hell literally. Along the way, he captures some troll allies and seduces – the cornerstone of the modern Horde faction. With the help of his best friend Grom Hellscream, they destroy the demon lord Mannoroth, whose blood has damaged the Orcs in the first place, and frees the outcast race from their thirst for blood.
Eventually, they teamed up with Jaina and the dark go goa, who had been forgotten the rest of the world existed for the past 10,000 years, to protect the Nordrassil World Tree – which had evolved from what was left of the Eternal Well and is now the winner of Azeroth’s Top Demon Portal Battery reality TV show. Working together, they defeated Archimonde and legion in the second open battle. But Arthas is still causing problems, and he’s on his way to Northrend to file with the Lich King.

TL; DR: Thrall creates Horde, frees the Orcs from the corruption of the devil, and joins the dark gobies and some humans in exile to stop the Burning Legion’s second invasion. Sargeras is getting fed up at this point. Arthas now has a spooky hat with zombies.

22 years ago to 2 years ago – The world is coming to an end a few more times
During the release of World of Warcraft and some of the first expansions, a lot happened. Illidan Stormrage is dead (but he’s better). Arthas dies and is replaced by a new Lich King who promises to be fine. Deathwing breaks the world again, then dies. And Alliance and Horde fought while figures like Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore tried to become voices of reason and end the conflict.

Then someone messed it up.

Garrosh Hellscream (Grom’s son, Mannoroth’s killer) becomes Horde’s warrior after Thrall leaves to lead the non-denominational wizards of the Earthen Ring. Except that he wasn’t too interested in peace, and blew up Jaina Proudmoore’s city of Theramore with an energy bomb. As a result, Jaina no longer lives in peace and wants Horde to be good and die. Garrosh is eventually brought down in part by a troll rebellion led by the next warrior, Vol’jin, but Jaina is still not interested in making things romantic.

TL; DR: People and their aunts took turns trying to destroy Azeroth, but we stopped them from watching. Horde receives a new scarf, which blows the whole city away with a magic bomb, much to Jaina’s insult.

About 2 years ago – Round 3, Fight!
Trying to explain Warlords of Draenor is almost a useless exercise, so rest assured that it involves time travel and alternative universes and is not really very important to the current storyline. It is important that a version of warlock gulden orc from the alternative timeline (the original died in WarCraft II) foresees the third and greatest invasion of the Burning Legion into Azeroth, and Horde and Alliance must work together to stop it.

Not only did we beat them for the third time, but we also chased them back to their original Argus homeland and chopped them off right at the source. Sargeras is imprisoned by Illidan and the other Titans, but not before he literally stabs Azeroth with a sword the size of a large asteroid, injuring the World-soul and causing it to bleed strongly called Azerite, one of the things we are about to fight in the Battle for Azeroth. During the course of the war, Vol’Jin was seriously injured and decided to name Sylvanus his successor as a good idea because of the vision he was given by the troll gods.

TL; DR: Legion returns for the third time. We defeat them, go to their homeworld, and restrain them from becoming inclined to the universe. Sargeras hit Azeroth before being imprisoned. Sylvanas is currently in charge of Horde.

Today – The Battle of the Thorns and the Battle for the Lord
There is a lot of complex politics going on after the Legion’s defeat, mostly focused on Sylvanas, who has the main motivation for Forsaken and hates the living because her two non-undead sisters mean something to her or something. After an attempt was made to reconcile the former Lordaeron’s former citizens with their living relatives, she became mad and killed a bunch of her own. There are some fan theories that she considers death to be the only real defense against the power of the Lords of Nowhere, which will allow some method for all this madness. But now, from the point of view of most ordinary people, she is not very good.

Her next act of murder was War of the Thorns, in which she sent Horde forces overrun the Coalition strongholds on Kalimdor and, apparently by temporary delight, decided to burn down the great tree of Teldrassil, the capital of the Night Elf civilization. . The death toll is enormous. In retaliation, the Coalition dispatched an army to capture the former capital of Lordaeron and expel the zombies from the Tirisfal Glades (with the help of Jaina and her new ghost ship), for tat.
TL; DR: Sylvanas is killing everybody. She burned down the giant tree that the goa d’or live in the night, and then the Consult besieged her capital and chased her out of Lordaeron. We have quite a few wars.

And you’ve got it! Take or grab a pickup truck of details and cells on party B, the stage is set up and you should know where the main players (namely Jaina and Sylvanas) come from. There are enough legends for you to get a Ph.D. in Azerothian History, but it’s important to remember that “Sargeras Bad,” “Horde and Alliance never get along except each time there’s a bigger common threat, “And” Sylvanas needs to shiver.”

Where did the story come from? Well, we’re going to find out.

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