Where to locate three dead exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

The questline to obtain the Lament Exotic Sword is now open after the Deep Stone Crypt clear on November 21. It’s a multistep quest chain with about nine or so tasks to complete. One of the first quests you need to complete after speaking with Banshee is to find three dead exos. There are nine in total around Europa, but you only need to find a few of them for this part. Here’s where to locate three dead exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Where to locate three dead exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

There are nine dead exos in total, but you only need to find three of them. Here are the three locations you can use:

  • Cadmus Ridge
  • Asterion Abyss
  • Eventide Ruins

Cadmus Ridge

Starting in Cadmus Ridge, Europa, the first one is the easiest to find. On the opposite side of the large Vex structure, there’s a snowbank. Go to the top of the snowbank, and you should see the dead exo up there. Head to the top of the snowbank and interact to activate the dead exo.

Cadmus Ridge Exo Body
Cadmus Ridge Exo Unit body

Asterion Abyss

Head to the entrance to Nexus (Vex structure) in Asterion Abyss. Make a right before proceeding into the structure, and you should see another snowdrift. The dead exo body is just to the left of it.

Asterion Abyss Exo Body
Asterion Abyss Exo Body 2

Eventide Ruins

For the last one, you’ll head to the north area of Eventide Ruins. There’s a red light glowing in the distance. Go towards it and to the right, near where the two captains spawn. Go into the red room, and make a left up the incline. You should see the final dead exo next to the pillar.

Eventide Ruins three dead

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