Watch Dogs 2 – Bounty Hunting Mode

How to Win Bounty Hunting Mode Like a Boss?

Doing it

1) Get fat dollar (recommend you get those free Ubisoft add-ons that give you cash, makes this easier)

2) Buy CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher from 3D printer (not the stun one, thats gay)

3) Get the vehicle directional hack from the upgrades.

4) To win, in bounty hunting mode, first jam the opponents car to stop/roll backwards. At the same time, get the hell out of your vehicle if your in one and spam launch grenades, whilst avoiding fire. It is recommended you stay away from your vehicle at this point, in case it blows up to.

watch dogs 2 bounty hunting mode

One shot will not automatically kill your opponent, you probably need more like 2 if you do directional hits to their person.

6) Revel in your victory (as long as you didn’t goof up)

7) If the cops are still after you, it is recommended you do this in an urban environment, so the chances of a getaway vehicle being on hand are increased.

watch dogs 2 bounty hunting mode 2

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