Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Cataclysm Worthy Bots

Cataclysm Worthy Bots

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50k+ damage is something you’ll only see on Cata.

Someday I’ll probably make a video, but after dying on Fort repeatedly, I’m kind of burned out.

RNG Time

Cataclysm is a slot machine. Every time you play it with bots, even if you are doing well, there are RNG factors that will shut you down. Winning is a matter of skill and strategy, having a solid team of bots, but finally determined by luck.

1. Maps can vary in difficulty quite drastically.

2. Supplies can vary.

3. Certain bosses are a pass and others are a wipe. Stormfiend is a good boss to get. Strength potions help a lot with the others.

4. A chaos patrol is a guaranteed wipe. It’s like 12 chaos warriors, and they have incredible amounts of hp. Even if they don’t directly kill you, you’ll fight them for so long that the horde and specials will kill you.

5. Any patrol can often cause a wipe, simply because of the tax on time and resources. I have successfully killed Vermin Patrols, but we have wiped afterwards to the next horde. It’s just too much of a tax on resources.

6. If you haven’t caught on yet. Stealth is a factor. Don’t bother the patrols. Don’t use Trueshot Volley either, because it will hit them frequently.


Just as clarification, we are talking about your character pick, right now. I have only succeeded with Waystalker. Specifically, I used Hagsbane and Spear. The Spear has good push and allows you to fight specific targets in complete safety. The Hagsbane is used to kill hordes, even in close proximity. Use the Hagsbane liberally.

Here’s the talent tree:

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1. Killing a special/elite with ult gives you 11 ammo per kill. Use as you need it.

2. The Waystalker’s ult is extremely useful for killing specials. I feel it’s one of the only ways to control the special spam.

3. THP is not necessary, because Merc and Unchained are healing you. Heal Share is the best option.

4. Take your pick of Heal Dupe or Barkskin. Barkskin keeps you alive, Heal Dupe keeps your bots alive if you’re lucky.

Bot Builds

Mercenary Kruber:

I emphasize very strongly that you must have a Mercenary Kruber.

1. 25 thp to the team every ~1.5 minutes.

2. Every ult, the team has 40% damage reduction for 10 seconds. This actually turns into invulnerability for Zealot.

3. Team attack speed. This helps everyone, including you.


1. Mace and Shield

This weapon grants him good staying power.

2. Repeater Rifle

It’s fast shooting, which is needed for specials.

3. Necklace: Damage reduction vs Chaos + Health + Barkskin.

The damage is unreal and the hordes are big. Barkskin is your only viable option.

4. Ring: Power vs Chaos + Attack Speed

5. Trinket: Cooldown Reduction + Crit Chance


warhammer vermintide 2 cataclysm worthy bots 4

1. You must take heal share. There will be a lot of downing, and there are few heal supplies.

2. 50% more cleave or +5% power per enemy. Both are good.

3. Enhanced power, because I’m not sure if the others work that well.

4. Shared Paced Strikes. It’s just better overall to have 4 buffs instead of 1.

5. 25% damage reduction. Bots aren’t good at damage mitigation, so he will need it.

6. 40% damage reduction. This allows Zealot to become invulnerable, and helps everyone else too.

Zealot Saltzpyre

This guy is capable of invulnerability, when paired with Merc Kruber. He’s just so meaty, you must take him.


1. Flail

This is a pretty well-rounded weapon for Saltzpyre, and it hits through shields.

2. Dual Pistols

Saltzpyre aimbots with these. I’m pretty sure he only misses if the spread decides to miss.

3. Necklace: Damage reduction vs Chaos + Health + Barkskin

Zealot will become literally invulnerable, when he is ulted by Kruber and under effect of Barkskin.

4. Ring: Damage vs Chaos + Attack Speed

5. Trinket: Whatever you want.


warhammer vermintide 2 cataclysm worthy bots 5

1. Heal Share. It’s a must on Cata, because of low healing supplies.

2. Take the attack speed increase. This is actually really important, because bot AI is largely dictated by attack speed. The faster a bot attacks, the more openings he sees. This makes him more aggressive and effective.

3. Enhanced Power. It’s a good all-rounder.

4. Damage reduction.

5. More damage reduction.

6. The semi-invuln one. This one probably won’t help that much, but you never know when the stars align. The others aren’t particularly great, either.

Unchained Sienna

More heals and the fire does kill off hordes. You can reach 100% Block Cost Reduction with her, and you should.


1. Flail: 30% Block Cost Reduction

It seems alright, and it hits through shields. You don’t want shield rats holding you up, because Cata is on a pretty strict timer. Very important to get the block cost reduction.

2. Bolt Staff

The bolt staff did get buffed, and it’s one of the staves the bot doesn’t do stupid things with.

3. Necklace: Block Cost Reduction + Health + Barkskin

This is mandatory for bots. They like to take a lot of damage in burst. Get the Block Cost Reduction for 100% reduction.

4. Ring: Damage vs Chaos + Attack Speed

5. Trinket: Cooldown Reduction + Crit Chance


warhammer vermintide 2 cataclysm worthy bots 6

1. Heal Share. Needed on Cata. They will probably waste healing, so you might as well stretch it as much as you can.

2. Increase attack speed while high overcharge. Attack speed is critical to the bot AI. The faster they are, the more openings they see, which makes them more aggressive. If she’s in trouble, this can actually save her.

3. Enhanced Power. Covers all bases.

4. Block Cost Reduction. With this, Sienna will have 100% or very high percent reduction when blocking. It really helps her survivability.

5. 10% less overcharge. Burning Dreg seems like it’s good, but at the same time, the stars have to align for it to work. If they don’t align, it’s like you have no 5th talent. I think the overcharge one is just more consistent.

6. Obviously, we are taking the heal. It does not say so, but it does heal herself as well.


1. You need to know the horde timer and boss/patrol areas. If you don’t have the horde timer in the back of your mind, you’re going to struggle.

2. Steady wins the race. Play steadily, and when it’s time for a horde, pick a strong location and sit there. Location and timing are really more important than speed.

3. Spam Hagsbane into horde. Don’t be shy about it. Recover ammo on elites. Only stormvermins are reliable one-shots for Trueshot Volley.

4. Do not use your Trueshot Volley when Patrols are around. You will frequently hit them, and that’s probably going to end up with a wipe

5. Read #2 again, because that is 90% of the game.

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