Warhammer: Chaosbane – Bragi Axebiter Build Chaos 5 Endgame

Build for Bragi Axebiter in chaos 5.

This is the build I use in chaos 5 with Bragi Axebiter.
It work around Strike of the Anvil. It requires a little practice to be comfortable with it

Bragi Axebiter Items

Warhammer Chaosbane Bragi Axebiter Build 1

You look in order for Cooldown reduction, Crit hit chance, Crit Damage.

You need to have 50%+ cooldown reduction for this build if you want it to be fully effective.


Grimnir’s Herald


Heart-Seeker (mandatory for this spec it gives a huge boost of damage) and Last sleep (not sure it’s the right name the weapons isn’t on the wiki yet and there is no option to change the language on the game). If you seek for even more damage you can use Victor’s Tribute but you gonna take 20% more damage.


Gromril Ring and Insulation Ring for more survivability or Thori ring (not sure of the name) if you aren’t capped cooldown reduction or Siegebreaker Ring for more damage.

For the blessing look for +critical damage and +life until you’re around 100k hp and after that go for +critical damage and +damage.

For +crit dmg/+life: Blue or Green in the four unlinked spot and Red and Green with the 4 link.

For +crit dmg/+dmg: Red or Orange in the four unlinked spot and Red and Green with the 4 link.

Bragi Axebiter Skills

Warhammer Chaosbane Bragi Axebiter Build 2

ML) Axe Throw – Mastered:

Useful against boss and the stun can help too

MR)Strike of the Anvil – Mastered:

Your main damage source with 20 in rage and the cap of cooldown reduction you can use it without cooldown

1)Last Bastion – Superior: your main healing source, use it as soon as is available to maintain your rage at 20. Don’t use the Mastered version or you’re gonna lose your heal.

2)Ancestor’s Gift: Being invincible for 4 seconds every 9 seconds is pretty, pretty good. If you can use Call to Oath when you are invincible.

3)Call to Oath – Heroic: This skill stun everyone but it cost life so use it right before Last Bastion or during Ancestor’s Gift. This skill is the key of this build, stun enemies take way more damage

4)Mountain’s Wrath – Superior: A nice add to this build, do a lot of damage and can stun.

Passive 1: Blood of the Dawi – Superior: The main defensive passive. You don’t use any energy with this build so the Mastered version is pointless.

Passive 2: Death Blow – Mastered: +20%dmg on stun enemies and a little dot in bonus

Passive 3: Splite Smite – Mastered: Even more damage when enemies are below 30% health

Bragi Axebiter Tree

Warhammer Chaosbane Bragi Axebiter Build 3

I follow this path. Nothing in particular, I look for the skill i need and Cooldown Reduction (careful to not take mastered body count at the bottom of the tree).


Up your rage at 20 with Last Bastion and keep it by using it as soon as it available. Then jump in the fight with Strike of the Anvil. Use Call to Oath under Ancestor’s Gift or right before Last Bastion. For the bigger pack or champions use Mountain’s Wraith.

Be careful with all the aoe you basically see nothing and can easily get killed by poison on the ground or champion cleave.

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