Unusual Hilichurls Locations in Genshin Impact (Wei Achievement)

Part of Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update includes a new type of Hilichurcl. These Unusual Hilichurls show up in random locations around the map and have a chance to drop Primogems for rewards. They can be challenging to find because of the randomness factor, but they are a great way to earn some free in-game currency. There are lots of possible locations, so keep in mind that this is not all of them. We will do our best to update this page as we find more. Here are the Unusual Hilichurls Wei Locations in Genshin Impact.

Unusual Hilichurls Locations in Genshin Impact

There are various Unusual Hilichurl spawn points on the map. We’re going to detail each of the ones we have personally found down below. The Hilichurl may drop nothing but Cabbage, but they have a chance to drop Primogems. It is not a very efficient way to farm Primogems, but finding some this way is possible.

Again, this is not nearly all the possible spawn locations, just some examples where you might find them. MiHoYo confirms that the spawn locations are random, so you might not find any at these spots. We recommend exploring the entire map and killing the Unusual Hilichurl as you come across them.

Unusual Hilichurl Location 1 – Ciujue Slope

First, teleport to Cuijue Slope and head north to the Nine Pillars area. You might see an Unusual Hilichurl at the marker on the map below.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 1 Cuijue Slope

Unusual Hilichurl Location 2 – North of Liyue Harbor

Next, you can teleport to the peninsula north of Liyue Harbor. You can potentially find one Unusual Hilichurl in the mountains marked on the map here.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 2 North of Liyue Harbor

Unusual Hilichurl Location 3 – Wolf of the North (Boreas)

Head to the Wolf of the North location in Wolvendom. There is a ring surrounding the Arena, and a potential Hilichurl spawn on the east side.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 4 Boreas

Unusual Hilichurl Location 4 – Stormterror’s Lair

Southwest of the Stormterror’s Lair waypoint is another possible spawn location.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 4 Stormterrors Lair 1

Unusual Hilichurl Location 5 – Cape Oath

Head to the tip of the peninsula from the Cape Oath waypoint. You might find an Unusual Hilichurl hanging out over there.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 5 Cape Oath 1

Unusual Hilichurl Location 6 – Lingju Pass

Teleport to Lingju Pass and head south off the cliff. Glide to the next mountain on the other side of the road, and the Unusual Hilichurl should be near the edge.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 6 Lingju Pass

Unusual Hilichurl Location 7 – Windrise

Teleport to the Windrise Statue of the Seven, and make your way south. There could be an Unusual Hilichurl near the base of the large tree.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 5 Windrise

Unusual Hilichurl Location 8 – Qingyun Peak

Teleport to the Qingyun Peak waypoint, and take a couple of steps to the left. There are some stone platforms with swirl designs on them, and a Hilichurl could spawn there.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 8 Qingyun Peak 2

Unusual Hilichurl Location 9 – Mingyun Village

Teleport to the Mingyun Village Statue of the Seven, and make your way to the east. There is a small grassy cliff where you can find one.

Unusual Hilichurcl Location 10 Mingyun Village

We will keep you posted and add more screenshots as we come across more locations. Feel free to bookmark this page and send us screenshots to help us aggregate the spawn points.

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