They Are Billions – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

The game has 4 difficulty levels, 3 maps and a few zombie hordes. Choose more difficult levels and bigger hordes to unlock new colonies faster.

they are billions tips and tricks

Colony Size

  • Place new buildings close to the each other. Large settlements mean more resources spent on guarding them.
  • Large colonies require multiple defenders. You may not be able to defend the settlement if it’s too big.
  • Longer walls often contain weak points that can be used by zombies to access your settlement.
  • Old buildings can be replaced with new ones, taking up less terrain than initially foreseen.


  • You can build double, triple, or even quadruple walls – this is the only means of defense against the zombies.
  • Watch out for holes in your defense. Sometimes, a badly placed and/or a weak wall can be used by zombies to enter your colony.


  • Do not engage small herds of zombies that do not threaten your colony. Attacking them will increase their aggression and the amount of incoming waves.
  • If at least one zombie reaches the command center, the game is lost.


  • Resources are unlimited – a single source of each resource will amass resources throughout the course of the whole match.

Combat and Research

  • Focus on combat. You’ll need a lot of soldiers and towers to fight off the undead.
  • If you are close to the end of the game, skip research and focus all your power on defending the settlement to make sure that the colony survives.

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