Stay protected and engaged to win big with Norton 360 for Gamers

Protect you as you play games, online and offline, While destroying the latest raiding bosses, the last thing you need to worry about is cybercrime. You put precious time, energy, and money into your virtual world.

Stay protected and enter to win big with Norton 360 for Gamers

Why leave it to chance?

Norton 360 for Gamers is a set of features optimized to provide the protection you need, including security for your PC to block online threats, VPNs to secure your IP address, dark web monitoring for your gambling cards, and more – all with fewer notifications. You can play on.

We’ve collected some of the player’s most frequently asked questions about NortonLifeLock’s software…

Why use security software?
We have seen an increase in cybercrime targeting gamers, with hundreds of thousands of game accounts hacked in just the past year. The last thing you need to worry about is someone hacking into your game account – let’s be honest… you’ve spent more time and money on it than you want… But as a gamer, you need more than that antivirus – that’s where Norton 360 for gamers comes in.

How does it help me when I play games?
Whether you’re a regular or professional PC player, Norton 360 provides layered protection for your device, game account, and digital content. Its antivirus feature can help protect your device from malicious attacks, while the secure VPN feature hides your IP, so you can browse anonymously and securely to help protect against DDOS, doxxing, SWATing attacks. It even helps prevent the hijacking of webcams on your PC.

Note: No one can prevent all cyber crime or identity theft.

What about the dark web?
Norton 360 provides Dark Web monitoring for gamer cards. That’s not something many people consider, but cybercrime often uses the Dark Web to illegally buy stolen passwords and personal information – hijacking your account to steal digital money and goods. Dark Web surveillance is provided by LifeLock Black Web Patrol to find your player card, email address, and personal information – notify you if they find anything, so you can secure your account and lock hackers!

Will I get a series of alerts that appear when I play the game?
NortonLifeLock understands the frustration of being interrupted by unwanted announcements during gaming. They’ve optimized notifications for Norton 360 for Gamers, so you’re only warned if your device is under attack or at risk, or if you’re not using a feature that you have permission to use, and they even give you control to mute notifications permanently.

And if all that’s not good enough, it comes with 50GB of cloud backup on your PC to save your game clips – and has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee for annual purchases.

During this festive shopping season, NortonLifeLock will donate one year of its award-winning software subscription to ten individuals (retail value $100), and a lucky winner to not only receive a one-year subscription but also get a gift for an ACER Nitro 15 laptop, Secretlab Omega Chair, and Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC headset! (Retail value $1,300+)

As today’s online threats get worse, ignoring the warning signs will leave you on fire. Lock your digital life today so the only thing you’re worried about is “being nice.”

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