Share Discord’s screen to mobile devices

Mobile screen sharing‘ offers the same functionality as on a PC without a PC.

Discord added video chat and screen sharing functionality to its platform in 2017, allowing up to ten users to hangout digitally at once and share their online activities. That user limit was raised to 50 earlier in March 2020 to help people cope with the stresses of the COVID-19 outbreak and today Discord announced that after several weeks of public testing, it will also be extended to mobile devices.

Discord's screen sharing comes to mobile devices

The new mobile sharing function works in DM channels and voice channels and is optimized for high frame rates and low latency on mobile devices. Screen sharing supports simultaneous audio and voice chat — you can chat while you’re playing shared audio —and while streams still have up to 50 viewers simultaneously, voice channels support unlimited screen sharing.
This is not a revolutionary new feature for the platform, but allowing Discord users to take advantage of screen sharing without being parked behind the PC promises to simplify large-scale virtual gatherings over the holidays — a timely benefit amid a global epidemic that will (hopefully) severely cut off face-to-face encounters.

Mobile screen sharing will be achieved for Android and iOS 6-11, 13, and 14 users today (and is expected to be completed tomorrow, December 17, so you may not be able to use them yet) and will arrive at iOS 12 devices around the first half of January. Support for streaming for tablets is also “active [and] coming soon”.

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