Resident Evil 2 – T-Bar Discard

T-Bar from the Cable Car Platform

Use it to open the G-Adult’s section to obtain the Chess Plugs and Sewer Key. GET THE SEWER KEY.

resident evil 2 t bar discard 1

After obtaining the T-Bar

Head back to the Lower Waterway to open up the Workroom Lift. This will allow you to use the sewer key to head back to the secret room.

resident evil 2 t bar discard 2

With the Sewer Key

Open the Workers’ Break Room, move the yellow taped cabinet, go up the elevator, climb up all the stairs and go up another elevator. This should take you back to the secret room after completing the medallion puzzle. Use the T-Bar on the slot.

resident evil 2 t bar discard 3

The last and most overlooked spot

Heading all the way back to where you first drop down to enter the main sewer areas from the Water Gate, it will be directly to the left in the Upper Waterway.

resident evil 2 t bar discard 4

resident evil 2 t bar discard 5

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