Resident Evil 2 – Gatling Gun


  • You are NOT allowed to use infinite weapons or DLC guns at ALL during this run, if you do your rank will be limited to an S rank only and not an S+.
  • This guide will utilize the Infinite Combat Knife as it doesn’t disrupt your final ranking like the infinite/DLC guns do. It’s completely possible to omit the I. Combat Knife and still follow the walk through, just make sure you pick up knives along the way and adjust accordingly.  Destroying all 15 is how you unlock the I. Combat Knife.
  • We will be saving no more than 3 times during the run. Suggestions will be made in the guide for when you might want to save if you’re inexperienced or don’t have the confidence to do the more technical areas. There are also time stamps in the Youtube description of where I save during the run. 3 times only, no more than that or your rank will be lowered.
  • If you die you should most definitely reload the save from the main menu or reload your save twice in a row to ensure the time limit resets to the time stamp on your previous save. If you choose to continue instead of loading twice or quitting to the main menu and loading your game, the time limit will continue to run.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you have to start the run over, practice makes perfect! Just make sure you’re confident in your saves when you save the game! If you feel you’re under geared or out of ammo, reload your previous save and try to do better next time. It’s better to retry a small portion of the game than have to repeat the entire run over because you missed too many shots!

Puzzle Reference Guide

The puzzles here are in chronological order in direct relation to the video up top. I explain how to remember the puzzles when you get to them as well in the video but just as a reference, here they are:

Armory Locker

  • Solution: 109
  • Contents: Handgun Bullets

West Office Safe Solution

*For safe numbers you can turn the dial, right, left, right or left, right, left, so long as you keep switching directions between each number*

  • Solution: 9, 15, 7
  • Contents: Hip Pouch #1 (Hardcore)

Rookie’s First Assignment West Office

  • Left Lock: NED (Ned Flanders)
  • Right Lock: MRG (Marge Simpson)
  • Contents: Speedloader (SLS60)

2nd Floor Men’s Shower Dial Lock

  • Solution: CAP (Capcom)
  • Contents: 2 Flame Rounds

3rd Floor Attic Dial Lock

  • Solution: DCM (Devil Cry May)
  • Contents: SMG Ammo

Unicorn Statue Lock Solution (Side Room Library)

  • Game A Solution: [Double Fish] [Scorpion] [Vase]
  • Contents: Unicorn Medal

Lion Statue Lock Solution (Main Hall 2nd Floor)

  • Game A Solution: [Lion] [Leafy Branch] [Eagle]
  • Contents: Lion Medal

Maiden Statue Lock Solution

  • Game A Solution: [Woman] [Bow & Arrow] [Snake]
  • Contents: Maiden Medal

Claire’s Game A Electronic Door Panel Puzzle

resident evil 2 gatling gun

Control Room Dial Lock (Above Tram in Sewers)

  • Solution: SZF
  • Contents: SMG Ammo

Treatment Pool Room Safe Solution

*For safe numbers you can turn the dial, right, left, right or left, right, left, so long as you keep switching directions between each number*

  • Solution: 2, 12, 8
  • Contents: Custom Parts (SLS60)

Chess Plug Puzzle Solution

Game A:

  • [Left Wall]———-[Right Wall]
  • [Knight]————-[King]
  • [Rook]————–[Queen]
  • [Bishop]————[Pawn]

Main Power Room Switch Board Puzzle (Before G Stage 2 Fight)

Game A: Up – Up – Down – Up

Dispersal Cartridge Lab Puzzle

Game A: Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green (Red, Green, Blue Repeating)

Greenhouse Control Room Codes

  • Code 1: 3123
  • Code 2: 2067

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