Remnant: From The Ashes – Starting Classes

Starting Classes – Archetypes


  • Keep in mind this is just starting gear
  • Rigs is selling the other armor sets + guns and the grumpy girl next to him sells mods
  • Only thing that matters here are the 3 following special traits, which only comes with the starting class you choose (you can only choose one, choose carefully)


If you think you’ll play long range:

  • Armor Bonus: Weakspot damage bonus.
  • Special Trait: Shadow Walker – Reduces enemy aggro range.
  • Meant for: 12 year olds that plays snipers/stealth in every games.

Ex Cultist

For great balance between long and short distance.

  • Armor Bonus: Mod power regenerate faster on crits.
  • Special Trait: Spirit – Increases Mod Power Generation.
  • Meant for: Pretty much anyone.


For short distance fights.

  • Armor Bonus: damage boost at short distance.
  • Special Trait: Warrior – Increases Melee Damage.
  • Meant for: Sadomasochism chads.

Conclusion / Long Term Build:

  • Choose a class for its special trait.
  • Ex cultist trait has more benefits long term, great for custom builds (faster mod power generation.)
  • Hunter could make a great sniper/stealth build.
  • Scrapper for a melee, short range damage build.

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