Remnant From The Ashes – Scourge How to Beat

How to Kill Scourge

How to Kill Scourge

You’ll encounter Scourge once you reach The Hive, in the dungeons of The Scouring Waste. Before the fight, we highly encourage you to stock up on the Heavy Water Elixir from the vendor in Ward 13 to combat the Radiation status effect of the Scourge attacks. Moreover, keep your distance from the Scourge unless you want the Radiation meter to go up like crazy. You should focus fire on the torso of the Scourge, since shooting his mask will send out homing projectiles.

You’ll also need to deal with the minions, like any other boss. Make sure to dodge Scourge’s attacks, which are easily predicted thanks to how slow their start-up is. In addition to the projectiles, he’ll move closer for a winding punch attack which is also easily evaded.

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