Remnant: From The Ashes – Kill Bosses

Bosses How to Kill?

Earth Bosses


  • Destroy Ent’s legs before it dies. Any damage works. Focus legs, not feet.


  • Destroy Singe’s tail before it dies. Any damage works.


  • Kill your friend when prompted to get a trait


  • Trade a Pocket Watch before the fight.

Rhom Bosses

Maul (The Pack)

  • Shoot the NPC caster in the head, grab the module.


  • Defeat the boss before it absorbs any of the other enemies


  • Shoot his legs to stagger him. Do this 3-4 times and he will crouch on the ground. When its crouched, run to its back and interact to get the spear

Undying King

  • Refuse to give the king the heart or give it to the queen

Crosus Bosses


  • Defeat both bosses at the same time, before one enrages solo

Yaesha Bosses

Totem Father

  • Totem before the boss area. Blue rewards with gun, red with spear

The Ravager

  • Play the lullaby to cause the boss to fall asleep

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