Remnant From The Ashes – Ixillis How to Beat

How to Kill Ixillis

How to Kill

Alternative Kill Method

Defeat both bosses at the same time, before one enrages solo.

The encounter takes place in a swampy region, on a bridge in Crosus. Ixillis XV can fly a bit and perform attacks with his spear. The perfect time to dodge is when you see this spear light up green. There’s also another move where Ixillis XV mediates and summons white orbs which will home in on you. Shoot them before they reach you.

Now deal with the minions as you would by quickly firing at them before they’re up close and may explode. Once you’re midway through the battle with the boss, a second phase arrives and with it a second identical boss. So at the same time, you’ll be facing two boss enemies near the swampy bridge. At this point, prepare for a lethal screaming attack unleashed by the two bosses in conjunction. This whittles a lot of your health, so shoot multiple times at the heads of the two bosses to interrupt the attack.

Though the most reliable method is to shoot at the head region and the locks on the boss enemies, you can cleverly lure them off the bridge for an easier time. If you have high-impact weapons like a shotgun, you can use it at close range to push back Ixillis XV and his pal off the bridge.

Normal Crafted Item:

  • Hivestone

Alternative Drop Material:

  • Guardian Tentacle

Alternative Crafted Item:

  • Guardian Ax

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