Red Dead Redemption 2 – Senator Thaddeus Waxman Cigarette Card Location

Senator Thaddeus Waxman How To Find

Located at Lonnie’s Shack, Lemoyne, you will find the Senator Thaddeus Waxman Cigarette Card, which is part of the Prominent Americans Card Set.

senator thaddeus 1

In order to find the Senator Thaddeus Waxman card, simply head South of Emerald Ranch, over the state line into Lemoyne. You will eventually come across a small homestead dubbed “Lonnie’s Shack”.

senator thaddeus 2

senator thaddeus 3

Enter the shack and you can find this card on top of the shelf on the backside of the fireplace inside the homestead.

senator thaddeus 4

Yess! We found Senator Thaddeus Waxman 

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