Red Dead Online – Posse How to Create? [Clan]

How to Create A Posse

Firstly though, in order to create a posse, you will need to have completed the Online introduction mission Honor Among Horse Thieves. Once you make it back to the camp, you will have unlocked the option to create a Posse.

To create the posse, simply press the Left D-Pad and then selecting the “Form Posse” option in the menu.

Steps to Creating a Posse

  • First you must have beaten the Online Intro (finished the co-op mission “Honor Among Horse Thieves and returned back to camp). This unlocks the function to make a Posse.
  • Now you can create a Posse by pressing D-Pad Left – Posse – Square (PS4) / X (XB1) – Form a Posse.
  • Choose whether you want to make a Temporary Posse (Free) or a Persistent Posse (costs $200). The persistent Posse is a permanent type of Clan.

You can also pick the privacy settings (invite only or open to everyone), turn friendly fire on or off, and choose a campsite.

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Invite Friends to Posse

After forming a Posse press D-Pad Left – Posse – Invite to Posse. Press R1 / RB to switch between online players and friends.

Join a Posse

Go to the Pause Menu and click “Online”, then click on “Posse Up”. It will put you in a random gang.

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Accept a Posse Invite

Press D-Pad Left – Invites and accept from there.

Leave a Posse

Press D-Pad Left – Posse – Abandon Posse (but this won’t let you leave during active missions). To leave during an active mission (e.g. if you joined into a session that you don’t like and want to quit out immediately), go back to the Online Menu and select “Free Roam”.

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Shut Down Your Own Posse

If you’ve created your own Posse and want to leave it, press D-Pad Left – Posse – Abandon Posse.

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