Prison Architect free until Saturday in GOG’s Winter Discounts

GOG’s big seasonal sale has begun – amid controversy over its decision not to sell Taiwan horror game Devotion.

Prison Architect is a game about building and operating your own personal prison, and while that may sound like a rather uncomfortable prospect, it’s actually a very good game: Chris calls it “a complex, challenging and satisfying simulator” in his 87% rating since 2015. (He also learned some valuable lessons about the complexity of the human condition and the fine, sometimes bloody line between satisfaction and happiness.)

Prison Architect is free until Saturday in GOG's Winter Sale

If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s your chance to try it without spending a penny, as GOG is currently donating it to start winter 2020 discounts. Just visit here, click on the necessary green buttons, and like magic, it will be added to your library.

The free version of Prison Architect will be valid until 9 a.m. ET/2 p.m. UTC on December 19, but GOG Winter Sale will take place until January 4 and there are some pretty good offers for a new and older series of games. As someone who remembers the days of digging into bargain boxes at EB, I always emphasize the highest discounts first: This section doesn’t include the latest or most popular games, but you’ll find a lot of good things at a lower cost than a small chip bag, like Outlast: Whistleblower ($1), Tooth and Tail ($2), Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut ($2.50), We Are the Dwarves ($2) and a personal favorite, Shadowgrounds (yes, it’s old, but it’s very good) for $1.

The “newer content” section includes Control and The Outer Worlds, both with 50% discount, Wasteland 3 33% discount, Disco Elysium 40% discount, Iron Harvest 30% discount, and Serious Sam 4 Deluxe Edition with 20% discount.

A game that you won’t see in discounts or anywhere else on GOG, is the excellent insane horror game Devotion. It was removed from Steam in early 2019 after Chinese president Xi Jinping came to light; GOG announced earlier today that it would eventually be sold back through its store on December 18, but very quickly reversed that decision. According to GOG, the reversal took place “after receiving multiple messages from gamers.” It wasn’t built.

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