Planet Zoo – Guest Facilities

Guest Facilities

Elevated Guest Areas

So you have all these elevated paths, and your Guests are complaining they’re hungry, thirsty, or bored. What do you do? Build a downwards path and try to fit a shopping center in somewhere?

Not necessarily! You can build a elevated platform for your guests, overlooking a habitat perhaps. This section will tell you how.

So first, you use the Align to Grid option while building on a elevated path. This allows you to make a nice big platform.

planet zoo guest facilities 1

Select and place one of your Guest Facilities. You will have to go into the in depth edit mode (Z button) and use the movement Green arrow to raise it upwards to the level of the platform. Rotating it (option just to the right of the one you are on by default), and then move it with the arrows again until it auto – connects to path.

planet zoo guest facilities 2

Repeat with all your buildings. You can also add pillars or some other building / terrain beneath them so that they’re not just hovering in midair.

planet zoo guest facilities 3

Add some tables, trash bins, and anything else you desire and you’ll have a full on elevated guest center for them to enjoy.

planet zoo guest facilities 4

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