Planet Zoo – Education Guide

Education Guide

The game focuses heavily on Education of your guests, and the guests in your zoo are happier with a high education rating for animals.

To achieve this, you need to use the Educational Signs, Screens, and Speakers, as well as research animals.

To place signs and speakers, go to Facilities Tab, and then to Viewing Devices and Speakers. Some are Ambiance or Music speakers, so be sure you are picking Educational ones.

planet zoo education guide 1

The Signs and Speakers will automatically population the drop down list of animals, with the closest animal being first on the list. This makes it easier to quickly select the animal to be displayed.

planet zoo education guide 2

Speakers operate like the Signs, but also include a ‘bubble’ that is the range of their sound. You do not want the bubble to overlap other bubbles, otherwise the noise will be confusing for guests.

planet zoo education guide 3

The Guest Education view in Manager View (Far bottom left corner of the UI), will show you all your educational spots and if they are powered/unpowered and the speaker overlap.

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