Outward – Castaway Walkthrough

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough

In Outlaw, you begin the adventure by gathering basic resources. Your character is not the ultimate savior and the best warrior – you need to learn everything from scratch. With our guide, you will learn how to survive the first hours of the game Outward. Your first task is called Castaway – it will begin immediately after the creation of the character.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 1

Your adventure begins with the arrival on the island. You landed there because your boat crashed into the rocks. At this point, you have nothing with you – no armor, food, nor weapons.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 2

Use the moment of peace and collect the things lying on the beach. There, you will find a lot of food and raw materials. At the beginning, you can also pick up a torch, which will facilitate moving in in dark rooms and open areas when night falls.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 3

Traveling along the beach, you will encounter a person called Yzan Argenson. He’s kneeling in the house. Talk to him, he’ll help you.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 4

According to his recommendation, go to sleep in the sleeping bag. After the game loads, you will wake up at home in a lighthouse.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 5

From the table, located near the bed, lift the clothes. Put them on.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 6

On the ground floor, you will find your first bag. It will make it easier for you to carry items. Remember, however, that it significantly impairs your combat abilities.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 7

When you leave the house, you’ll meet a group of people. You have to give them 150 silver to keep your house. You have 5 days to settle the debt. You can collect money by talking to your debtors, killing monsters and collecting resources and selling them.

Outward Castaway Quest Walkthrough 8

If you don’t collect the required amount in time, you will not be able to enter the house. However, the people will make another offer – you will be able to decorate your home for 300 silver.

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