Outward – Best Armor Set (Early Game)

This guide will explain how to craft the Blue Sand Set.

The Blue Sand Set is a very good heavy armor, with excellent resistances and durability. It is perfect for early game because of the defense properties.

Can be crafted with Blue Sand material.


Blue Sand can be gathered along beaches in Chersonese. It is easy to miss in the daylight, but glows brightly which makes it stand out at night.

Blue Sand Deposits:

  • 5 along the beaches in Chersonese.
  • 3 inside of Starfish Cave along the beach south of Cierzo. Can be accessed as the tide settles at night time.
  • 1 inside the Voltaic Hatchery.

Outward Best Armor Set 1

Grind Route

Exit town via the Cierzo Storage room, the entrance is just below the entrance to your house – at the end of the dock. Travel through the cave to the other side and you will exit onto a beach.

Outward Best Armor Set 2

Ahead of you, on the left, you will notice a collection of large shells halfway up the beach. Head to that location and you will see a small entrance to a cave, this is Star Fish Cave. You can only visit the cave around 1am, or very early morning hours, otherwise the tide is in and the cave is flooded.

If the cave is flooded, leave and rest a few hours until the early morning, then enter and check again.

Outward Best Armor Set 3

Search along the beach south of Cierzo, there is a chance to find random blue sand deposits.


Loud-Hammer in Cierzo can craft various special armor items from Blue Sand. They are:

  • Blue Sand Helm for 3 Blue Sand and 250 silver
  • Blue Sand Armor for 5 Blue Sand and 400 silver
  • Blue Sand Boots for 2 Blue Sand and 200 silver

Crafting the whole set requires 10 Blue sand and 850 silver.

Outward Best Armor Set 4

Blue Sand Set


Outward Best Armor Set 5


Outward Best Armor Set 6


Outward Best Armor Set 7

Blue Sand Set Stats

  • Physical Resistance 48
  • Ethereal Resistance 25
  • Fire Resistance 25
  • Frost Resistance 25
  • Lightning Resistance 25
  • Decay Resistance 25
  • Impact Resistance 41
  • Protection 7
  • Hot Weather Def. -10%
  • Mana cost 10%
  • Stamina cost 14%
  • Movement speed -14%
  • Durability 1050

Blue Sand Set Appearance

Outward Best Armor Set 8

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