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Developer Guide

Alot of things get stuck

Players get stuck on doors, catapults can get stuck easily and can not be moved anymore.

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Same thing with “get out of bounds” with the toolbox, please fix this.

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Server Browser is too simple

The server browser is really bad right now.
A lot of my friends and I are used to the source engine server browser.
It is very simple and very easy to use, would be nice to at least see some changes to the better.

mordhau developer guide 5

The tags can be sorted from A-Z and can be switched to Z-A.
Would be great if we get that too.

Scoreboard is too simple

This one is really annoying. It is a very simple tool that could help a lot of problems we have right now.
Please give us an option to turn on the cursor if we hit the TAP button for the scoreboard and let us “scroll throw” the players, like in TF2.

mordhau developer guide 6

You can even click on a player and get more options like showing the profile and more, there could be even a votekick feature on it.

Customized weapons should be saved

This is a topic a lot of my friends complain about.
Right now if you switch weapons from your character it doesn’t save your settings on it and make the skins/models back to the Horde/BR version again.

Please let it save the weapons styles for each custom charakter is made.

The Ally marker needs a slight rework

It is a good way to see your allies and friends but you can’t rebind it right now, please fix that. We also do have a problem with the marker itself, it gets frustrating in a fight because you can’t see anymore who your ally is.

Marker disappears if you get close to a ally. My idea is that we get an overlay if you get closer to an ally. The transparency can be changed in the options and can be turned ON/OFF

Marker is clear to see and no need for the overlay.

mordhau developer guide 7

Marker gets harder to see and the overlay begins half transparent display.

mordhau developer guide 8

Marker is out of view and the overlay completely shows around your allies.

mordhau developer guide 9

Similar to the vehicle/useable outlines.

mordhau developer guide 10

Some suggestions

Last selected characters should show up in the menu and party.

  • Just a little thing. I don’t like that randomly saved characters are chosen in the menu or the party instead of the last changed or selected. Would be nice to see that changed.


  • A lot of helmets have big armory gaps for the eyes. It would be nice to hide the face and eyes a bit more with face paints.

Some helmets are darker than usual

  • Some helmets appear darker than usual like the “Closed Helmet” or the “Pointy Templar” which ruins the overall set a bit.

Torn cloth pieces and rusty/broken armor pieces.

  • I, as a fashion souls fanboy, would love to see more existing armor pieces to appear rustier. Furthermore, I would like to see more broken and/or torn waist cloth pieces. Broken LVL3 pieces would be just LVL2.

LVL3 Helmets can be opened and closed but change from LVL3 to LVL2.

  • Just a little thing that would be nice for some fun stuff or roleplay.

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