Monster Hunter: World – Mushroomer Build

Mushroomer Build

Basically, the item loadout would compose of:

  • Nitroshroom (Demondrug)
    Consume this first since it’s permanent until you cart.
  • Parashroom (Armorskin)
    Consume this after Nitroshroom since this is also have permanent effect until you cart.
  • Mandragora (Max Potion)
    This is only needed if you choose for the Attack (L) in the canteen and you need to maximize your health gauge.
  • Devil’s Blight (Dash Juice)
    Consume this last since this has only 6 minutes (4 minutes + 2 minutes from Item Prolonger effect)

Then after eating those, quickly change your equipment set and item loadout on the tent.

Shroomer Skills

Skills (sorted by priority):

1-Mushroomancer Lvl. 3

  • This will let you consume those juicy mushrooms.

2-Item Prolonger Lvl. 3

  • This skills affect the buffs you consume, especially for Devil’s Blight

3-Wide-Range Lvl. 5

  • Share those buffs!

4-Speed Eating Lvl. 3

  • So you can eat faster

5-Free Meal Lvl. 1

  • It’s a 25% chance to make those mushrooms free!

monster hunter world mushroomer build 1

Item Loadout

  • Nitroshroom
  • Parashroom
  • Mandragora
  • Devil’s Blight

monster hunter world mushroomer build 2

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