Mist Survival – 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5

0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5

If you experience any issues with cheat engine itself, you should refer to the CE developers for support.

Using Cheat Engine may cause VAC bans dependent on how you use it, I am not responsible in any way for bans that you may receive if you use CE in an abusive manner (primarily in MMO or none single player games).

From my own experience with CE over the years I have not received any bans, However I do not play any MMO titles.

What You Will Need?

Cheat engine latest version:

  • To Download go to
  • Click the big green button to download, once downloaded install as you would any other application. Don’t just spam next there’s an option for a browser extension you need to uncheck, unless you want it that is.
  • When installed just exit out of it, you don’t need it open yet.

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 1

M.U.T.T 0.2.5 for Mist 0.2.5 or M.U.T.T 0.3.X for Mist current release

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 2

How To Use?

Make sure you have installed Cheat Engine, downloaded and extracted the M.U.T.T files.

Navigate to where you extracted the M.U.T.T files. Double click the required table 0.3.X for current game release, This will now open Cheat Engine.Now we need to make an adjustment for the table to be viewed correctly, At the top of the list window the description tab needs to be widened, do this by clicking the divider and dragging it to the right to the end of the orange bars. Ignore the flashing computer symbol for now.

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 3Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 10

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 4


Load Mist Survival and either load your game or start a new game (I use 2 save files, 1 with cheats and 1 with no cheats) once in game have a quick run around for a minute or 2 then pause the game.

Alt+Tab or use windows key+D to get back to Cheat Engine and click the Flashing computer symbol.

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 5

Now select Mist Survival from the box that opened and click open

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 6

When the confirmation box appears asking to keep current address list, click YES you will have to say yes each time you load a table if you click No it will delete the cheats from the list window.

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 7

You should now have something like this. Check the boxes to lock values, set values to adjust values, FOLLOW ALL instructions in the table carefully and OBEY WARNINGS they are there for game stability.

Mist Survival 0.3.X Cheats Includes 0.2.5 8

Tab back to game and enjoy your cheats.

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