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PvP and PvE Guide


  • In CTF, while holding the flag, you move faster while holding RMB as BlazeFists
  • A general use rebirth stat distribution for HYBRID builds (bow/fists, sword/bow) is: 6/6/3/6/4
  • A general use rebirth stat distribution for a DOUBLE BREAKER tanky build (sword/fists) is: 6/4/3/6/6
  • For Blaze fist users, players can be grabbed when they are broken (it appears as if they have a shields around them)
  • Leap with sword, dash in general with alot of stamina, or just kite alot with any class.


  • For obsidian fist master on higher difficulties, binding arrow helps alot.
  • As you increase boss battle difficulty, your chances of getting that missions item drop increases.
  • Monsters are not only stunned when broken, but they take way more damage. that’s why you wanna break them, not for the stun.
  • Humanoids on the other hand, get broken but recover if they hit the floor. alternate with your partner to keep them aloft with combos.
  • If there is one Blaze Fist and one slayer, this is a strat for optimizing damage. The breaker should effectively break the boss and use reckless charge/instant chase to keep the boss still while the slayer can DPS.
  • Difficulty raises by two if you beat the current diffictuly under 60/90 secs (not sure which time exactly), by one if you beat it under 3 min, and drop by one if you need over 7 min
  • Reviving manually saves up one of the uses for the automatic revives
  • In the Attack of Black Fang mission, both teammates should aim to take down the panther first. Karin does absolutely nothing threatening and her attacks are very sloW and telegraphed. The panther has a lot more HP and does a ton more damage, and it’s harder to break him too.
  • Be careful when your partner uses hit rage move (ultimate) as, while he breaks the boss with that, you save the boss from the combo with a bad timed hit inbetween the stun and the rage move damage (unless you combo him for the whole duration of course)
  • Diabolic Witch’s rolling fireball (hold rmb hold Imb tap backwards twice -> release Imb) does an insane amount of damage on any large enemy. You should prioritize using this whenever a large boss is broken, even over skills.

Both PvE and PvP

  • If you stand still for a few seconds, you will begin to self heal.
  • Reviving your teammate instantly heals all of your previously taken damage!
  • You can use keep chaining combos until you’re out if stamina
  • Don’t press space bar too early for the knock up combo as you will fail the follow-up otherwise… press it after the target really is in the air (the earliest possible timing should be when hit by the knock up)
  • Always keep an eye on what your teammate is doing, many karma’s synergize with one another and you can deal more damage when doing this. Example: if a teammate lifts and enemy and is chaining a combo, once they run out if stamina, you should rush in and deal as much damage as you can.


  • To gain affinity, it helps to choose different dialogue options to increase the point gain when chatting with NPC’s
  • If you wish to sell an item on the steam marketplace, you must 7 days with the item in the steam Inventory before you are able to list it.
  • Master your combos by training with the training dummy at the training grounds in the main lobby
  • There are more combos than you think! Go to lobby -> character screen -> karma’s -> select your karma and there you will see a BUNCH more combos to learn in addition to the basic ones at training grounds.
  • If you level up your Karma, you unlock the rest of the combos for training mode

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