KurtzPel – Empty Publish Code FIX

Empty Publish Code FIX

The best part is you get to disconnect the VPN so that your connection is normal. Here’s how to do it:

  • Activate your VPN of choice and choose any not-blocked region before launching steam. You’ll probably be prompted to log back into steam with your password.
  • Load the game. Get past the usual crash point at the KOG logo.
  • When you are at the server select screen, disconnect your VPN.
  • Wait and check steam. You should notice yourself disconnect and reconnect or be prompted again for your password to connect. I think it’s easiest to spot the giant “NO CONNECTION” on your friends list. If you don’t wait and try to log into the server it will get stuck on ‘authenticating’.
  • Connect!

Note: You can try setting PublishCode=na in Steam launch options. This is how you manually set the region in beta, not sure if it will help you though.

Try this:

  • Go to your library
  • Head over to Kurtzpel
  • Right click it and go to “Properties”
  • Go to “launch setup or launch options”
  • Type in “PublishCode=NA”…if that doesnt work then try: “ZoneCode=live PublishCode=NA”

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