Judgment – Side Cases List

Side Cases List

Kamurocho Streets

  • The Mad Bomber Strikes
  • Amidst a Dream
  • The Mad Bomber Strikes Again
  • Etrapment
  • The Black Calamity
  • Gone With the Gust
  • Return of the Mad Bomber

Yagami Detective Agency

  • There’s a Panty Thief on the Loose!/The Twisted Trio: Panty Professor
  • There’s a Groper on the Loose!/The Twisted Groper
  • My Subordinate is Missing/Queen of Hearts
  • Where’s My Jacket Go?/Tiger Jacket
  • A Publisher’s Request/ The Mystery Writer’s Stratagem
  • Another Mystery Event!/They Mystery Writer’s Gambit
  • Please Find My Son/Dangerous Hide-and-seek
  • Let’s Chat about a Pervert/The Twisted Judge
  • A Final Event/The Mystery Writer’s Masterstroke

Genda Law Office

  • Infidelity Investigation/The Darkest Place (described above; Chapter 2: Beneath the Surface)
  • Justice is Sweet (described in the walkthrough of Chapter 4: Skeletons in the Closet).
  • Ghost Capture Request/ The Ghost Tenant
  • Background Investigation of My Son’s Wife / Devil Wife
  • Searching for Missing Nephew/Reckless Aspirations

Bar Tender

  • Underneath the mask (a mandatory side Case, described in walkthrough of Chapter 3: The Stickup)
  • Entertainment Industry Job/Interview with a Detective
  • I got honey trapped!/Honey Trap
  • A Valuable cat/Secrets of Cats
  • So Much Murder / Sashimi of the Fallen
  • The Missing Diamond
  • The Socialite’s Secret (a mandatory side case, described in the walkthrough of Chapter 4: Skeletons in the Closet).

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