How to Play Paradise Killer When You Are New Gamer

Paradise Killer is a potential detective/investigation game where you are free to search for clues in the open world in your own way.

How to Play Paradise Killer
How to Play Paradise Killer

Paradise Killer is an open-world detective/investigation game, released by Kaizen Game Works in early September. How to Play Paradise Killer is not too difficult, for many gamers who are familiar with FPS games, getting acquainted with Paradise Killer does not take too much time.

But for gamers who have never played an FPS game, please see the instructions for playing Paradise Killer in the article below.

But not playing the role of a tough detective investigating ordinary cases, the game will take players into the colorful open world of Paradise Island, with strange suspects like monsters. . It can be said that Paradise Killer has created a completely new color compared to the usual detective game series.

Guides To How to Play Paradise Killer for Gamers

How to Play Paradise Killer
How to Play Paradise Killer

Explore paradise island full of troubles

Paradise Killer takes place on an ideal tropical island, where the inhabitants worship alien gods. The people here have worked for millions of years, sacrificing human lives to summon the gods they revere. But all efforts were unsuccessful when they failed 24 times without being able to summon gods, what they summoned were always demons. Therefore, the people here put their faith. in this new 25th cycle.

But this time, things were different; On an evening when the bright sun was slowly disappearing behind the horizon, the Syndicate’s Rulers were horribly slaughtered. Players will be playing the role of Lady Love Dies, dubbed the “monster of investigation” to find out which of the remaining nine islanders will be the main person responsible for the massacre of the Governing Council. treatment, so that Paradise 24 can come to an end and the Perfect 25 cycle can flourish.

The plot of Paradise Killer – How to Play Paradise Killer has since exploded in many directions, the mysteries smoothly intertwined with the intricately constructed murder plots. And most interestingly, the truth about the paradise island itself is gradually revealed. A legend with deep roots that evokes the great imagination that has lasted for many centuries is gradually discovered.

Paradise Killer has really created an extremely attractive, philosophical story about the sacrifice of the sun, the sea and the blood. Sacrifice is never easy but the islanders of paradise never falter. The game successfully embodies an optimistic, playful human style even as horror threats from space are still lurking underground.

..or investigation of mysteries from the universes

How to Play Paradise Killer
How to Play Paradise Killer

You will play as Lady Love Dies, a notorious “monster of investigation” to investigate the massacre of the ruling Council in this Paradise Island. The main task of the player is to find out who did this, what motivated him to do this and how he did it. Players will need to interrogate key figures, solve hieroglyphic puzzles to find hidden information and gather evidence, all of which will be stored in Lady Love Dies’ computer as you explore the island. island.

Finally, players will rely on the data they collect to convict the suspect, bring him to light and take responsibility for his evil actions. Fans of the detective game genre will immediately recognize the familiar investigative design structure of Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa in Paradise Killer. But developer Kaizen Game Works has reshaped them into an adventure. save is almost completely open, allowing the player to freely explore Paradise and uncover hidden secrets.

In general, the gameplay of How to Play Paradise Killer is quite simple, players just need to find clues and save them in a handheld computer called Starlight. Starlight is your very own personal notebook that neatly stores all the notes and clues you’ve found along the way. It can analyze DNA samples you find, as well as track records online. Here you can track who each suspect is, their background, and how they are linked to “Crime End All Crime” and other subsequent crimes that have occurred on the island.

How to Play Paradise Killer
How to Play Paradise Killer

Players will be free to choose different dialogue when interrogating witnesses and how to interrogate criminals in a “professional” or “friendly” way. Sometimes, you can choose to only chat with suspects and improve your relationship with them. If you are successful, they will offer other information and gossip that can help create clearer clues. Finally, when there is enough evidence, information, you can wait to see the Judge and make accusations of the real killer.

However, conquering Paradise Killer is not entirely easy if you have no experience in these detective games before. As you collect the clues, it will automatically link to the relevant clues and save them on your Starlight computer. But if the clues you find are not really clear and do not have a specific connection with the previously found clues, they will become a mess and the discrete clues will of course not help you. when brought before the Judge to charge the perpetrator. Therefore, finding the exact clues and the reasonableness of the clues is also highly appreciated if you really want to become a talented detective.

The irresistible charm of Paradise Killer

How to Play Paradise Killer
How to Play Paradise Killer

Much of its appeal comes from its diverse, lively cast of characters. 2.5D character models stand out all over the map, creating their own unique character. From a warrior blessed with the head of a goat, to a blood-red skeleton forever stuck between life and death, even a naked blue demon with scathing comments. Comprehension and sassy words are all built with smooth strokes. The characters in Paradise Killer have quite rich interactions and relationships that you can easily miss if you are not paying attention. If you spend time interacting with the interesting freaks on the island long enough, you’ll find a messy social network.

Besides the character system, the colorful world of Paradise Killer is also a thing that attracts players, even there are times when wandering through the wonderfully beautiful beach that I thought I came here to relax. care, not for investigation. The open world of Paradise Killer is really beautiful with vibrant colors that are combined quite well. The familiar tropical resorts, the iconic pyramids of Egypt, etc. bring attractive, reminiscent beauties. the alluring beauty of a ’90s CGI CD-ROM adventure.

Paradise Killer is a really attractive detective/investigation game. We appreciate how Paradise Killer brings up all the potential suspects, makes you suspect all of them, and then lets you decide how to handle the situation in your own way. The stories in Paradise Killer are complex. and intertwine surprisingly well; The suspect characters all have their own motives and have their own stories for the player to explore.
The game is like a visual novel, an adventure to explore in the first person. Even after spending 10 hours playing the game, we still can’t understand the whole plot of Paradise Killer. The mysteries that exist everywhere make Paradise Killer really worth it for gamers to play over and over again to be able to uncover all the mysteries lurking under this beautiful island.

How to Play Paradise Killer
How to Play Paradise Killer

Hopefully, the above Paradise Killer playing guide will help those of you who have never played FPS games and also those who are looking to learn How to Play Paradise Killer before entering this battlefield from surprise and gain more combat experience. fight in the game.

Hope the above article has helped you understand more about the mechanics and How to Play Paradise Killer. Good luck with your training and have fun playing the game!

So you know through some basic How to Play Paradise Killer, what other interesting tips do you know that doesn’t know?

Comment and share tips you know below!

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