How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Game

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Game is a remake of the three classic Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 games and how to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition is also waiting by any gamer. Only the Mass Effect expansion Pinnacle Station is missing, developed by studio Demiurge due to the loss of the source code.

According to the information I have gathered, the aforementioned developer participated in the production of a number of games such as Titan Quest, Medal of Honor Airborne, BioShock and Borderlands before being acquired by SEGA in early 2015.

It is not natural that the Mass Effect series attracts a large number of fans. This line game possesses engaging story, interesting character owners along with exciting charge system. Notably, most of what you do affects the plot to some degree. Chi, some player decisions in side quests also play an important role in connecting the system of sequels in the game in later experience. This is the design that helps Mass Effect Legendary Edition inherit the impressive replay value from the original.

How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition which is set in the future in the 22nd century. At this time, thanks to the greatly developed space technology and large number of relay networks, humanity can travel between the stars like going to the market. If you have ever played FPS Halo and dig deeper into the plot of this series, you will discover many similarities in context but the plot is completely different. In Mass Effect, players take on the role of a customizable Commander Shepard with a grand mission related to the destiny of the Milky Way galaxy.

Although released simultaneously on all three platforms, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is not technically identical. In particular, although not officially released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, this collection still makes good use of the powerful hardware of these two systems, providing extremely fast data download speeds compared to previous generation. Not only that, the frame rate also has a big difference between the systems. The most “terrible” PC version when it comes to supporting a super-smooth 240fps experience if you accept to sacrifice resolution.

The console versions are divided into 2 options Favor Quality prioritizes images and Favor Framerate prioritizes high frame rates. All versions support up to 60fps at Favor Framerate settings, while only the Xbox Series X version goes up to 1440p120. Similarly, the Favor Quality setting stops at just 30fps for most platforms. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions alone reach a resolution of 2160p60, which impresses not only the outstanding resolution but also the high frame rate for a very smooth experience.

How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition

You probably already know Mass Effect as one of BioWare’s most influential game series more than 10 years before it was first released. It’s also the developer’s biggest legacy after classic original games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and the Dragon Age series. That’s why the remaster work is very focused on the developer BioWare, especially the first part has a design-oriented gameplay that is different from the other two games when it comes to the role-playing experience more than shooting.

From an old player perspective, the Mass Effect experience has many improvements in combat interface and control feel compared to the original. The feeling of aiming is clearly better, in part probably due to the smooth frame rates in most of the experience. Only some segments when melee with many enemies had a slight decrease, but did not negatively affect the game experience. The feeling of fighting is also much better, especially the main character’s ability to hide is now easier and more convenient.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Game interface

The Mass Effect interface has also been tweaked more neatly and added some other welcome changes. For example, the skill Barrer when used will have a special effect that was not available before, making it easier to recognize it is being activated. The performance issues of the original game were also previously fixed in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, most noticeable from the first transition of the experience. Even the viewing angle has a small adjustment to make it easier for players to observe, especially in the combat experience.

Noticeable changes with new players

How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A noticeable change for new players and those who like to hunt achievements/trophy is that the difficulty settings are unlocked at the beginning of the experience. This change reduces the number of replays to get the achievement/trophy associated with completing the experience on the highest difficulty. On the other hand, the level also has a maximum change of 30 to be similar to the sequels. However, you can fully adjust the Level Scaling setting in Options to choose the scale according to the original game or Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

However, Mass Effect has not yet made the necessary changes to the “loving” element in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This easily causes situations of hearing loss that lead to an unwanted sexual relationship of the player. For example, Mass Effect: Andromeda adds a heart-shaped symbol in the dialogue choices that have an emotional impact on the character’s relationship. Not to mention, the two original Mass Effect 2 and 3 games also have an indicator to help the player recognize the choice of that heart.

In particular, one of the biggest problems with the original Mass Effect game was the physics of the Mako off-road vehicle. This problem has been corrected and gives a much more “button-eating” control feel. I’m guessing that the development team has put Nomad’s code intact instead of Mako in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Although the control feel is identical to Nomad in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the Mako exploration experience is still quite difficult when climbing hills or entering narrow passages. If only the developer made the terrain easier to drive.

In contrast, Mass Effect 2 and 3 do not have many changes like the first game in terms of gameplay. This makes the Mass Effect experience very different from the other two sequels. Meanwhile, the overhauled graphics feel similar between the three games and there are huge adjustments in Mass Effect. Even some of the characters have been overhauled so much that I no longer recognize them. Even the color tone and environment design have many unexpected improvements, especially the lighting effects and the ambient occlusion technique.

However, some characters in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition experience have quite unusual movements and facial expressions, looking unnatural. For example, Jenkins was “young” at the beginning of the Mass Effect experience, although not as catastrophic as Mass Effect: Andromeda when it was first released. Many characters have an overuse of dark areas perhaps to create angles, resulting in hidden details or facial contours that look quite ‘creepy’. Depending on the player, this problem can cause discomfort in the game experience or not.

Similarly, the feeling of combat is also better than the first game. From reloading instead of waiting for the gun to cool down to hiding, everything is smoother than the original Mass Effect 2. Not to mention the series of DLC that comes with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition collection, adding mass The content is quite voluminous about the plot and tasks that I have overlooked in the past, helping to bring a more exciting experience to the writer. For example, the new DLC character for squad has a very unique personality among these “bloody” AI teammates.

Mass Effect 3 is no exception. Impressive graphics are probably the first thing I have to mention and you can see right from the stunning opening scene. The writer himself had to switch from experience to being a continuous deputy photographer to capture all the moments in that game. However, facial expressions are still a small minus point of this game like the two previous games. In return, the excellent image quality gives players more reasons to fully exploit the new brand Photo Mode in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition

How to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition

From a player perspective, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has a pretty good balance between remastering and tweaking aspects. Not only that, but it also “matches swords” with the excellent gameplay mechanics of the original games, providing an accessible experience not only for longtime players but also ‘new’ Commander Shepard. This is especially necessary for the generation of players who only know this unique series of games from Mass Effect: Andromeda, an experience that is not appreciated by the classic Mass Effect trilogy.

Notably, due to the limitation of backward compatibility, the experience on PS5 does not support Dual Sense controllers. Although not confirmed by the developer, this is probably also the reason why Sony’s next-generation console can’t handle 1440p120 like the Xbox Series X. This problem is similar to the update earlier this year of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order can take full advantage of Xbox Series X hardware with two settings: Performance allows resolution options up to 2160p and Normal is 1440p60 while PS5 only stops at 2K.

After all, Mass Effect Legendary Edition offers a unique 3-in-1 shooter action role-playing experience. I hope that my experiences about this game will help gamers imagine how to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Whether you are a new or old player of this classic series, this is definitely a great collection with a compelling story, interesting characters and especially the unexpected connection between the popular games. through the player’s seemingly but not-so-so choice. Although there are still a few unfortunate minus points, but this collection is actually an exciting and memorable experience that you hardly want to miss.


Written by Dinh Huu

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