How to Play Hitman 3 to Easily Complete the Interested Game

Hitman is a quirky series of games. Everyone knows Hitman. Everyone knows assassin 47 with his bald head and the famous barcode tattoo on the back of his neck. But not everyone loves Hitman because of its gameplay.

How to Play Hitman 3
How to Play Hitman 3

Hitman is a quirky series of games. Everyone knows Hitman. Everyone knows assassin 47 with his bald head and the famous barcode tattoo on the back of his neck. But not everyone loves Hitman because of its gameplay.

In the era of mind-boggling shooting action games that instruct players to devote themselves to every task in every detail, a work like the “World of Assassination” trilogy continues to turn How to Play Hitman 3 into an extremely picky game genre.

Hitman 3 is more like Season 2 of the 2016 Hitman reboot. This part of the game has almost no noticeable new features other than the “super hard” Master difficulty and new locations. Instead of being divided into chapters and distributed scattered like before, you now have all six new sandbox levels from the beginning. Notably, those who own the aforementioned 2016 game will receive a free Legacy Pack, allowing you to experience all six old levels in the new version just released this year. This further turns the new game into a content update to the older Hitman reboot.

The plot has never been a strong point of the Hitman game series and this continues to be true in Hitman 3 Game. This part continues the content from the old Hitman reboot with the “cat and mouse” story between Agent 47 and the character with the character. codename is Shadow Client. Old players will feel “something familiar” with the political knots or plots that continue to be the main feature of this sequel’s narrative style. This factor makes me feel that the game is now more about the veteran players of the series than caring about new players. What’s interesting is that while the main plot doesn’t impress me, the side stories about the objectives are quite interesting.

How to Play Hitman 3 Easily for Newbie

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How to Play Hitman 3

The reason is that in each stage of the three Hitman parts, you are thrown into a sandbox world that is not completely open, but the space and area is very large, and there are countless possibilities and opportunities to complete a game. game screen. Except for following the available “plots”, the “opportunities” outlined by the developer IO Interactive, you almost don’t know what to do, where to start, How to Play Hitman 3.

In return, the sandbox playgrounds IO Interactive sketched through each level are where you can unleash your creativity to have the fastest and perfect finishing touches, with the ultimate goal of winning the title “Silent” Assassin”.

It’s also a bit strange, taking the name Hitman, but to achieve the highest score, you must control assassin 47 in the most secret, discreet way possible. This “Hitman” is not at all violent and killing like in the movie (that’s if you want to, otherwise just go ahead, there will be no witnesses if there are no survivors in the game).

Calling Hitman 3 a completely new version, renewing everything IO Interactive did before is also not correct. Basically, without the COVID-19 pandemic, the “World of Assassination” trilogy would be partially expanded by 2 years (2016, 2018 and 2020). But because of the pandemic, the game was delayed until the beginning of this year.

Season 3 is released, with completely new locations, meticulously and closely researched. The gameplay of all three parts is not much different, except for the addition of some features, for example… the enemy standing in front of the mirror can see 47 in the back (this is the funniest joke in part 1, standing in front of the mirror while the enemy was indifferent), or arrange 47’s equipment in the most scientific and neat way.

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How to Play Hitman 3

The rest, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 are like content expansions to complete the plot of assassin 47, Diana Burnwood, “ghost client” Lucas Gray, of both familiar assassin organizations ICA and organization that dominates the world, Providence. The problem now arises that, without playing the first two seasons, the plot will become tangled in part 3, with Lucas Gray’s plot, and The Constant’s opposite plot, with assassin 47 and his manager Diana was caught up in the story. Unfortunately, you should play the first two parts before reaching the ending described in Hitman 3. So with an excellent work, IO Interactive attracts you to spend two more times to reward. Hitman formula 1 and 2.

On the contrary way, what I find very good in Hitman 3 is like the previous version, which is to allow you to enjoy all, again, all the stages of Hitman 1 and 2, including the game screen. expansion of the previous two parts, right in part 3 with the graphics of the new version. You will not have to install all three games to enjoy the full trilogy, but now just need to install a part of Hitman 3. It’s very rare for a game to do this before.

Part of the ability of How to Play Hitman 3 to allow you to replay nearly 20 levels of the previous two parts also comes from the fact that the gameplay of the three parts of the “World of Assassination” trilogy is almost unchanged, from the human control system. objects, AI response mechanisms, to weapon systems. That calling Hitman 3 as Hitman 2.5 as many other news sites say is not wrong, and this game itself is one of the typical examples for the saying “what doesn’t break, don’t fix it”.

And it’s true that with the structure of a game that combines a large enough world with freedom of action, IO Interactive has found the formula to create a truly successful version of Hitman. From part 1 to part 3, the Danish game makers have created great levels, combining both breadth and depth.

In part 1 we have the castle in Paris and the hotel on the Chao Phraya river in Thailand, in part 2 we have the complex in Miami and the castle on the Isle of Sgáil. By season 3 we have the Dartmoor mansion in the UK, there is the Burj Al-Ghazali tower in Dubai, there is an old building in Berlin that is now a nightclub. As for the big city areas crowded with houses and people, part 1 has Marrakesh in Morocco, part 2 has Mumbai, India, and part 3 we have Chongqing, China. Each location is an appearance, a layout, a place that allows you to freely deploy the assassination strategy as you like.

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How to Play Hitman 3

If I write about the depth of each level, each map of all three parts, this article will be endless, because I am “literary” enough to write 1,000 words for each stage of the latest three Hitman parts. But if I had to write it in the most concise way, it would be the main character of the new Hitman, not the assassin 47 himself. The bald assassin only borrowed the details already available in the game screen to complete. task only. Each path, each corner of each screen has its own effect, just like each room and the position of each cabinet to hide bodies or hide items are scattered in each level.

Hitman 3 not only perfected the quality of each level, which they did very well in season 2, but also showcased the personality of each location, which they did very well in part 2, and also the problem. of part 1. Dartmoor exudes the true quality of a mansion of a wealthy family that has been in power for a long time. Chongqing creates the style of an oriental city, where neon lights shine on the wet ground from tropical rains. Berlin paints a realistic scene, where former government factories are abandoned, and become a place of entertainment for young people.

Through these levels, Hitman 3’s graphic outfit is shown as much as possible. IO Interactive doesn’t skimp on their capabilities, app screen space reflection everywhere possible. The result is that we have beautiful views of the Chongqing night, there are gorgeous corners in Britain, a magnificence and brilliance that matches the taste of the Middle Eastern oil giants.

However, IO Interactive’s promise to bring ray tracing to Hitman 3 has not come true, and must wait for the following updates. How is SSR different from ray tracing, you may wonder. Ray tracing is more modern, more realistic, and more resource-intensive, as it is able to track each beam of light hitting each object, and how it reflects off other surfaces. As a result, each rough or glossy surface can be applied with appropriate shadows, reflections and lighting.

With the exception of the final stage, and the ending of Hitman 3 itself, all five locations of the first five levels in the game are excellent, in terms of quality, design, and depth. And the depth of that level is what elevates your experience when controlling assassin 47. You have exactly 1001 ways to complete a level, and your calculations will determine the following score. when completing them.

Small Other Tips to How to Play Hitman 3

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How to Play Hitman 3

Another way is to design the starting step of the screen yourself, what room do you want to start from, in what outfit, and what equipment at the beginning of each level, calculate as perfectly as possible to Complete the level in the least amount of time. I once saw a guy kill two targets, find the location to leave the mission in just… 17 seconds. Very fast, and very difficult.

Each opponent has a fixed trajectory of movement and reaction. Knowing the entire trajectory of all the characters in the game screen will create a great advantage for you. The other half of the challenge is to make the most of all the skills and equipment you have, from coins to distract, screwdrivers, crowbars and pliers to create traps or open hidden secret paths to help you reach the goal most easily. That is the thing that requires the most brain in each level of Hitman 3, and also the reason why it is picky about players. Going into blatant shooting is never the best solution in this series, especially when assassin 47 has become famous for his changing skills like a chameleon, reaching the most difficult targets. without anyone knowing, not a single camera recording evidence.

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How to Play Hitman 3


There is nothing that needs to be fixed from the previous version, so Hitman 3 does not need to have too big changes in How to Play Hitman 3 gameplay. They just need to enhance the experience of each destination that 47 sets foot in, creating a variety and creativity in the gameplay that the previous two versions did very well.

So you know through some basic How to Play Hitman 3, what other interesting tips do you know that we doesn’t know?

Comment and share tips you know below!

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