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Game Half-Life Alyx is an action game with a science fiction theme released at Garena Plus. So How to Play Half-Life Alyx? Any tips to help players always win? Let’s go to to learn more about it through the following article!

How to Play Half Life
How to Play Half-Life Alyx

Half Life is a name that is already too familiar to any of us. Today, there are many games that are born to replace Half Life, but it is still impossible to bring the same emotions as this game did. How to Play Half-Life Alyx is really separate, and can not be mixed if you have it. Compare with games like Raid or Pursuit today.

To help those who are just starting to How to Play Half-Life Alyx firmly grasp and understand how to play, here we will guide you with specific steps. Please refer!

Guides to Play Half Life for newbies

This is an extremely dramatic, attractive and famous first-person shooter game. With realistic graphics, and vivid sound, it has attracted many gamers. To be able to become marksman, head shot opponents, you need to know the rules of movement, how to flexibly use weapons and good shooting skills.

How to Play Half-Life Alyx

How to Play Half-Life Alyx
How to Play Half-Life Alyx

Get Familiar With the Half Life Interface

For players, getting used to the interface and playing Half Life is very simple, but for newbies, it’s really not that simple. So today, will guide new gamers from the game interface, to the necessary shortcuts to use when playing the game, to the little tips to be able to survive and become a hero.

(1) Your health index or blood count.

(2) Your armor number.

(3) Remaining time of 1 match.

(4) Above is money used to buy weapons, below is the remaining ammunition.

(5) Map, location of team members, location of bombs dropped when left by teammates.

(6) The type of weapon being held in hand.​

Moving Keys in Half Life

W: Go forward.

A: Go left.

S: Back.

D: To the right.

Shift: Go slowly (no sound).

Ctrl: Sit.

Spacebar: Jump.

W + Spacebar + Ctrl: Long jump.

How to Buy and Use Weapons in Half Life

Weapon keys are numbers 1,2,3,4,5:

1: Rifles.

2: Pistol.

3: Knife.

4: Grenades.

5: Boom (TR side).

B: To choose a weapon. The prominent Military Police M4A1 is B43, the AK Bandit is B41, the cheap gun that is good for 2 teams is B31.

O: Buy armor and grenades.

B6: Rifle bullets.

B7: Long gun bullets.

B81 or O1: Fake armor.

B82 or O2: Good armor.

B83 or O3: Blind Grenade (white screen effect when hit.)

B84 or O4: Damage grenade.

B85 or O5: Smoke grenade (smoke effect reduces visibility.)

E: Defuse bomb (CT).

R: Load ammunition.

G: Throw a weapon.​

How to Play Half Life Proficient in Maps

How to Play Half-Life Alyx
How to Play Half-Life Alyx

When you know the map you are playing, you will be able to orient how to play, know where the enemy is planning to attack, find a reasonable hiding place so as not to be shot dead. When you have a good defense, you will quickly plan well for your survival. Or you can use your time in “ghost mode” to watch other players see how they move to find the best hiding place.

Use Appropriate Weapons

In the game Half Life, there are many types of weapons to support combat, but each type has different effects and uses, you should choose for yourself the most suitable weapon to use until the end. really good at it. Don’t waste your money, time and effort trying another gun.

For new players, it is best to choose MP5navy (3-1) because it shoots very accurately and has low recoil, it is completely powerful enough to hit the opponent with a few bullets, or can shoot in series without fear. The gun recoils and you don’t hit the target.

Don’t Waste Ammo

If you are quite far away from the enemy, you should not shoot continuously, it will be very ammo but not effective, easy to miss the target, unless you are at close range. Because when firing continuously like that, the accuracy will decrease, the head of the fly will expand, showing that the bullets can fly anywhere, causing waste. And when you shoot one shot at a time, the fly head will shrink, making the next bullets more accurate.

How to Play Half-Life Alyx
How to Play Half-Life Alyx

Flexible Movement

When running in a straight line, you will easily be shot down by the enemy at any time, moving left, right and jumping continuously will avoid bullets better. Because when you are busy moving, unfortunately the enemy appears behind you without your knowledge, it is also more difficult to be hit. However, do not overdo this, otherwise you will be like a “puppet” in the game!

Mastering the Map

Once you understand and know how to view the map, you can build a suitable strategy, attack, and hiding place. Or you can click on “ghost mode” to see how other players are going to find the best hiding place.

Use The Right Weapon

In the game system there are many different weapons, but to win the fastest, you need to consider the most appropriate weapons. Then use it competently.

For those who practice playing Half life, the best gun to use is the MP5navy (3 – 1). Because this weapon has high accuracy, low recoil and can fire multiple bullets at the same time without fear of heat and recoil.

Do not Fire Bullets Continuously

In case you see the enemy far away, you should not discharge bullets continuously because the effect it brings is not high, easy to deflect. Because when discharging bullets continuously, the ability to aim accurately will be significantly reduced, wasting ammunition.

Move Flexibly

Do not run in a fixed straight line because the possibility of you being knocked out by the opponent very quickly. It’s better to frequently switch positions to the right, to the left, and

If you keep running loudly in all situations, sooner or later you will die, because running will make a noise that the enemy can hear and ambush you. So stop, look around carefully, and then listen to the footsteps of others. Use the go button instead of the run button to make it difficult for the enemy to determine where you are!

How to Play Half-Life Alyx
How to Play Half-Life AlyxHow to Play Half-Life Alyx

No one is unfamiliar with the Half Life shooter genre. It is a fantasy-themed video game developed by Valve Corporation and released on November 19, 1998 by Sierra Entertainment. Half life has also set a record as the best-selling FPS game of all time.

The events in the game take place in the Black Mesa research area deep in the desert in the state of New Mexico. This is a fantasy area that has many similarities with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Area 51 of the US.

The main character in the game is Gordon Freeman, a physics doctor who survived a failed experiment. This experiment created a resonance wave, puncturing space, creating an opportunity for creatures from the planet Xen to enter Black Mesa.

Gordon Freeman will try to destroy the Xen army to escape the laboratory. It can also help other injured people. At the beginning of the game you will have to confront G – Man, a green shirt character full of sinister and mysterious. By the end of the game you have to choose to follow G-Man or die.

The game has also been praised by critics for its engaging storyline, varied gameplay that focuses heavily on action sequences such as running, shooting, climbing, jumping, etc. The game also has a very impactful impact. great for action games developed later.

So you know through some basic How to Play Half-Life Alyx, what other interesting tips do you know that doesn’t know?

Comment and share tips you know below!

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