How to Play Hades Which Best Indie Game of 2020 from Golden Joystick and The Game Awards

Published by Supergiant Games, the developer has made a name for himself with popular titles such as Bastion, Transistor and Pyre. All three of these games have a large number of players and so the experiences drawn from all three games have created Hades.

How to Play Hades
How to Play Hades

To help those who are just starting to How to Play Hades grasp and understand how to play, here we will guide you with specific steps. Please refer!

In the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus, Hades punished the character forever for pushing a rock uphill without rest. Every time he pushed it close to the top, it rolled back and he would have to start over.

But instead of these plays with great battles against countless enemies on the way to escape from the hell of Hades. Accompanied by a series of powers, divine skills will be developed and combined in ways that are self-created. And what if instead of going back to zero, you got a little stronger and the characters in the game remember your efforts?

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How to Play Hades
How to Play Hades

This is the premise of Hades, a Greek mythology-themed roguelike game that developer Supergiant has built that makes going to Hell a pleasure.

Participating in the game, the player will play the role of Zagreus through hell to freedom. The game has a top-down perspective that revolves around slaying dozens of monsters in randomly arranged and unpredictable rooms.

Zagreus is known as one of the warriors who can use up to 6 different weapons and each type has up to 4 variations to fight. Each of these Infernal Arms is designed specifically for a certain style of play. If you want simple melee, use the Stygian Blade.

In this game we can experience extremely new things from building kernels. Investing in relationships with each character will open up interesting stories, world building, side quests or items to make it easier for you later in the park to escape hell.

It can be said that Hades is an extremely smart game because after each defeat, allies will encourage you and hostile characters will increase in difficulty and they will learn from the previous fights. with them so as not to make the gameplay feel boring.

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How to Play Hades
How to Play Hades

The game screen environment is built very diverse. Each floor of hell has a different design style and its own uniqueness. Even each floor has some differences in the construction of each room so as not to create a feeling of repetition. Character movement is very smooth.

The slashing and slashing phases of the characters, to the enemies and the boss, are all very impressive, creating a sense of excitement throughout the experience that makes me constantly look for opportunities to take revenge after each time I let the character loss of muscle.

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Other aspects of Hades are equally excellent. From art direction to engaging hack-and-slash gameplay, combining visual novel elements and tons of interesting mechanics complement the experience in House of Hades. Here, players can decorate beautiful houses, upgrade characters stronger or chat with names that those who love Greek mythology just want to get autographs like handsome Achilles or Lady Nyx coldly. If you have a dog, don’t forget to pet Cerberus.

Interacting, chatting, and giving gifts to NPCs will help strengthen relationships. That’s not to mention, they are also a source of narrative that reveals many mysteries about the content that those interested in the plot can’t miss. In particular, depending on the relationship you establish, they can become either bad or devoted allies, helping you wholeheartedly or each other in finding a way out of the hells. It’s just fog. I don’t want to reveal so much that your experience detracts from the surprise.

How to Play Hades
How to Play Hades

Best of all is the fast-paced combat system, which requires players to build attack sequences that combine dashes and techniques to break enemy shields, traps in each room, and especially bosses. Hades has six weapons that follow the player in each turn with a very different combat feel, requiring you to unlock via simple request. Each type of weapon has its own fighting style, advantages and disadvantages. For example, the sword slashing speed is fast and flexible, but the damage is low.

In contrast, Eternal Spear deals slow but high damage and longer range. This spear is quite effective when fighting bosses or enemies who like to attack with “irradiation”. The weapons are all enhanced through the weapon upgrade system and the “grace” known as the boon of countless gods. These upgrades are temporary and only work for each turn, but you can completely upgrade your character permanently through a different system that uses purple quartet.

For example, a boon that I don’t remember the name of the god Daedalus increases the damage of the character’s dash 3 times by 3 times. This boon is quite useful when fighting various enemies in certain challenges of the level, but only works during the current turn. If the character loses a life, all upgrades and buffs collected during that turn will disappear. In contrast, the upgrade and buff system for characters using purple gems lasts forever even after each time Zagreus dies.

For example, Death Defiance can resurrect the character once, which is very useful and almost one of the important purple gem upgrades for any player in the experience. Hades also has a system of god items called Keepsave, which are bestowed by the gods when you advance your relationship with them to certain milestones. Although there are many, not all items are useful to my level of experience, especially when you can only choose one of the Keepsaves received.

How to Play Hades
How to Play Hades

Excellent, but Hades has a small minus point with the Nintendo Switch version that is difficult to read in handheld mode. In fact, this is not a new problem but can affect the game experience. Although Hades uses an easy-to-read font, it is so small that it sometimes makes it difficult to read a frame full of tiny text in handheld mode. In certain situation like when there are too many enemies on the screen, I often have trouble locating Zagreus in order to react in time to evade their attack.

The Switch version’s performance also impressed me. The game operates almost perfectly handheld mode at 720p and dock at 1080p. It is not only the ideal resolution of the Nintendo Switch, but also 60fps. This frame rate is almost smooth throughout the experience, with only a few rare segments having a very slight drop, hardly noticeable when too many enemies appear at the same time with visual effects. The game has cross-save support but this feature will be available in a post-release update.

How to Play Hades
How to Play Hades

The game has also been praised by critics for its engaging storyline, varied gameplay that focuses heavily on action sequences such as running, shooting, climbing, jumping, etc. The game also has a very impactful impact. great for action games developed later.

This is a game that is really worth the money and is the result of more than 10 years of game making experience from Supergiant Games studio. It’s clear why Hades won Indie Game of the Year and is a contender for the GOTY title.

So you know through some basic How to Play Hades, what other interesting tips do you know that doesn’t know?

Comment and share tips you know below!

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