How to Play Factorio Experience Perfectly the Game

A Factorio review can make gamers forget that they still have a real life in real life and just focus on optimizing the factory in the Factorio game.

How to Play Factorio
How to Play Factorio give gamers How to Play Factorio to experience a smoother and better game feelings. Now, version 1.0 of the game was officially released on August 14, so I will do a Factorio review to talk about its current state.

How to Play Factorio Easily for Newbie

How to Play Factorio
How to Play Factorio

The “Main Character” Is Not a Player

In Factorio, you are a very resourceful guy. Even though his spaceship has crashed and broken to pieces on a strange planet, he can still assemble anything with his hands, from a tiny microchip board to huge factories. range from guns for self-defense to a freight train. All you need for our protagonist to perform these feats are just raw materials scattered all over the surface of the planet. With this natural talent, the guy’s goal is to assemble a whole rocket to fly to the sky, maybe to return to his homeland but also to … fall on another planet.

Sounds like a survival game, doesn’t it? But if it were just that, then Factorio wouldn’t have become the forerunner of one of the most addictive game genres right now – so-called “factory simulation.” How to Play Factorio’s appeal lies in the fact that the gameplay of the game does not revolve around the main character’s hands, but focuses on what he creates and the automation of everything. Why work hard when you can assemble a drill, why make your own microchips when the factory can mass produce them, why carry materials from the kiln to the factory if ice Can the chain transport them non-stop?

Indeed, although our own character can assemble anything in the game – I want to insist on anything, it is not possible to check the number of items to serve in the end, the arrow fire make we make them manually is absolutely impossible. What’s more, the categories in Factorio are getting less and less assembled, the latter asking for more materials and progress than the former. Therefore, building non-stop systems to automate the entire production process is the only way gamers can complete the game.

And the Charm of factories

For factories in Factorio to work smoothly, gamers always have to satisfy their two needs: input for raw materials and output for finished products. It sounds very simple, but as I said above, when an item requires a series of materials and many different processing processes, finding the optimal method for factories to achieve the highest efficiency is always a conundrum. How many drills are needed to supply enough iron and coal for a furnace, how many furnaces are needed to have enough sheet steel for a gear mill, how many gear mills are needed to meet the ever-increasing demand when gamers have to build new factories, new defenses, new carousels, etc.

How to Play Factorio
How to Play Factorio

But having the material is not enough, you also have to think about how to bring that material to the factory in How to Play Factorio. Initially when the entire production line was encapsulated in a small area and only a few types of resources were created, the classic… hunchback method was enough to meet the needs of factories, but This method will be eliminated after only the first 10 minutes, when gamers have the ability to build conveyor belts and assemble them into fully automatic delivery roads.

Just like in the human body, the conveyor belt is the “blood vessels” of Factorio Game. They transport raw materials to factories as if the bloodstream carries nutrients to the human body. As the items you manufacture become more and more complex, you will need a lot of production lines that produce the components for assembling these items. That required a grand system of conveyor belts strung across and across, connecting entire factories together. You will also need power lines to power your factories because without electricity they will need coal but this is a finite resource.

The level of complexity of the game does not stop there. There comes a time when you realize you need not only “dry” materials that can be transported on a conveyor belt, but also liquid materials like water, gasoline, and acids. They force gamers to try to squeeze a new type of transportation, which is a pipeline, into their production lines, thinking about creating new connections between production areas.

Then, when the surrounding raw resources dry up, gamers will again have to expand the area of ​​​​operation, exploit new types of resources in more remote places and arise a need for railways. These areas need to be secured again, and so new defense systems are born.

And so, the gamer’s production line grew bigger and bigger, made up of countless factories and robotic arms, with rails, conveyors and pipes stretching horizontally and vertically covering a huge area. . Managing them is a conundrum but also an art that gives Factorio Game so much appeal. The complexity of the games is constantly increasing, but fortunately they are not overwhelming – gamers always know what they need and what to do, and the difference between “pro” and “super” is just that they complete the task quickly or slowly.

Small Other Tips to How to Play Factorio Easily for Newbie

How to Play Factorio
How to Play Factorio

A little bit of fighting

The battle array was not created to serve the needs of Factorio gamers, but is just another way to add depth to the gameplay. Gamers can always pick up their guns and shoot at the ugly bugs that constantly attack their factories, but as you may have noticed, the production lines you build in Factorio take up a huge area. If you protect everything yourself, sometimes you run … broken legs, worn out keys can’t save what you build, not to mention the risk of the character running out of ammo and being bitten by insects, causing you to reload the gameplay.

Therefore, the game allows us to produce several types of war vehicles such as defensive turrets, drones, armored trains armed with cannons and even nuclear weapons. These weapons create another source of material consumption and are also a management challenge: gamers will have to build new transport systems to keep them with enough ammunition and fuel to survive. work. Another challenge for gamers’ ability to calculate and present in How to Play Factorio!

How to Play Factorio
How to Play Factorio

Finally, with the release of version 1.0, I also had the opportunity to conduct a Factorio review for readers. This is a game that may look boring at first and a bit overwhelming if you watch the video on YouTube, but it is only when you really start enjoying the game that gamers feel its fun. Each completed small production line gives me a little bit of pride, and when successful, connects them together to form a system that constantly pours out billowing product lines that are enough to cover the whole world. the surface of the planet, that excitement becomes intense. With such a huge attraction, it’s no wonder that more than 68,000 gamers give Factorio a “should buy” rating on Steam.

And of course I will also rate Factorio as a very worth game to buy. The game has been constantly updated and upgraded over the past four years, which is most evident in the trailer that the developer has upgraded three times. The game even has a free demo that gamers can download to see if it fits their needs before hitting the “Add to Cart” button. It clearly shows the care that Wube gives to his brainchild, and over 10$ is too soft a price to exchange for hundreds, thousands of hours of entertainment that Factorio will create.

How to Play Factorio
How to Play Factorio

So you know through some basic How to Play Factorio, what other interesting tips do you know that doesn’t know?

Comment and share tips you know below!

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