How to Play Crusader Kings 3 to Experience Perfectly the Game

How to Play Crusader Kings 3 is the second game and also the latest installment in the grand strategy game series Crusader Kings. Despite being a few years old, this game is still very attractive to players, thanks to its massive tactical scale and rich content with more than 20 DLC.

How to Play Crusader Kings 3
How to Play Crusader Kings 3

For those who are experiencing and confused with the gameplay mechanics of the game for the first time, hopefully the experiences of shares will help you from How to Play Crusader Kings 3. Another reason is that this is not a game for impatient players who are not good at English skills.

How to play Crusader Kings 3 Easily for Newbie

How to Play Crusader Kings 3
How to Play Crusader Kings 3

Starting with Ireland

Since the original How to Play Crusader Kings 3 didn’t have any DLC yet, the earliest you can join is 1066. Because in 1066, every county in Ireland has its own ruler, so you can easily advance from Count to Duke and eventually to King or Queen.

Thanks to the early start time, you can learn the gameplay mechanics of the game without having to worry about big countries attacking, especially on the West coast. Choosing a Stamford Bridge starting date and choose a Count in Ireland to start experiencing the game. Another experience is that as soon as you enter the game, pause and get used to the interface of the game, especially the left side frame because that’s where most of the player’s decisions are made.

Get married early and have children

How to Play Crusader Kings 3
How to Play Crusader Kings 3

In How to Play Crusader Kings 3, you not only represent a country or a character, but an entire dynasty. That’s why family and clan are the most important things in the game. When a character you control dies for any reason, the player will continue to control that character’s successor. Reigning long enough will allow the player to change the laws of inheritance, affecting your heirs, but most of the time you’ll hand power over to the eldest. If there isn’t anyone to inherit your legacy during the dynasty, the game is over and the “loss” is yours. This is why you must ensure marriage and soon have children to inherit.

Casus belli

Once your dynasty has found its successor, it’s time for you to expand the realm for future generations. However, How to Play Crusader Kings 3 does not allow you to make random wars, but there must be a good reason called casus belli in the game. There are many different ways to create excuses, but in the early stages of the game there is no other way but to make it up. This is a job for the Chancellor. The first button to the right of your avatar on the game’s interface is your council. You will need to make sure there are enough council seats, or else a prompt will appear. Each council member has three tasks that you can delegate to them, but with chancellor one of them is fabricate claim.

To be able to “dignify” to wage war, you need to switch the map to De Jure Duchies view. Then look at the land (duchy) that belongs to your county. In Ireland, you’ll find your duchy belongs to two different counties, so you’ll want to claim dominance over the other county. At this point you just give the order to the diplomats (diplomat), turn off the pause mode and sit there and enjoy the results.

When War Boomed

How to Play Crusader Kings 3
How to Play Crusader Kings 3

So you’ve declared war a success, and it’s time to engage. However, the battle in How to Play Crusader Kings 3 is quite different because the player will not build anything. Every county in your territory has tax revenues that you need to take advantage of by increasing or eliminating them altogether. Your council will always give you the maximum amount of troops they have, but later on once the player has vassals they will also give you more pieces, more or less depending on the level. how loyal they are to you and also to your setup. Of course, you can also build and improve buildings to increase your existing troops, as well as keep a good relationship with vassals to get more troops. To see the amount of troops that the vassals can provide, simply point to the military frame.

Once you’ve declared the war, raise and destroy your opponent’s army and lay siege to their council. If you are lucky, you may win and gain the right to rule the neighboring territory. This is also why Ireland is the best place to start because it’s easy for players to claim to be Duke and gain prestige, as long as you can earn money to get the title. Then continue like that with the rest of Ireland until you can rule the whole country. While it may take several generations to do this, it is at least the easiest way to succeed and get used to the gameplay of the game.

Don’t Regret Money Buying DLC

Unlike many other games, How to Play Crusader Kings 3’s DLC plays an important role because it makes a lot of difference with the original version of the game. Some recommended DLCs for you to buy are Old Gods, Rajas of India and Charlemagne as these add a lot of new content to the game. Both Old Gods and Charlemagne add a new start date to the game, adding up to 300 more years, plus the Viking wars are also quite interesting. Some other notable DLCs are Legacy of Rome, Way of Life, Monks and Mystics that you should also consider.

However, even though Rajas of India almost doubles the size of the screen, it is well worth the money, but should only be purchased if you intend to experience Islamic religion and culture like, otherwise not recommended. buy. Similar to DLCs such as Sword of Islam, Republic, Horse Lords, etc. are also directed to a specific religion or culture, if you do not intend to experience that, you should not buy. And finally, don’t buy the Sunset Invasion DLC. While you may enjoy watching the Aztecs invade and wipe out all of Europe, if you forget to turn off this DLC during “normal” gameplay, the Aztecs will probably be your kingdom. there.

Small Other Tips to How to play Crusader Kings 3

How to Play Crusader Kings 3
How to Play Crusader Kings 3

Beginner’s Guide:

Another way is What to Do Before You Unpause – While playing as Petty King of Munster in the tutorial, you can learn more about Crusader Kings 3 mechanics. We also have some helpful tips to help you do all the things you need to do before pausing the game.

Own kingdoms and buildings

You won’t expand if you can’t focus inland. Take a look at the different buildings you can build. There are even special ones that offer powerful bonuses because of their historical significance.

Dynasties and houses

A family lived together, stayed together – at least, I guess that was the motto of the rulers in the Middle Ages. In any case, keeping your dynasty strong allows you to move forward as you progress in Crusader Kings III’s campaign. You can even unlock Dynasty Legacy buffs and create cadet branches.

Focus on Lifestyle, Skills, and Perks

How to Play Crusader Kings 3
How to Play Crusader Kings 3

Instead of being a wayward soul, a character can focus on the lifestyle they choose. This will eventually allow them to acquire skills and perks to improve their abilities.

Schemes and Conspiracy

“Bloody Murder!” they scream, and you just smile. That’s probably what you’re thinking if you’re trying to kill people and blackmail you on top through conspiracies, conspiracies, hookups, and secrets.

So you know through some basic How to Play Crusader Kings 3, what other interesting tips do you know that we doesn’t know?

Comment and share tips you know below!

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