How to Play Amnesia Rebirth – the top horror game

Rebirth is a game that shows the talent of Frictional Games with a shine and offers a balance between heart-stopping horror moments with equally fun puzzle gameplay.

How to Play Amnesia Rebirth
How to Play Amnesia Rebirth

How to Play Amnesia Rebirth is not too difficult, for many gamers who are familiar with action games, getting acquainted with Amnesia Rebirth does not take too much time.

Since the full decade of 2010, the horror game genre has not been as strong as it was in the beginning. That’s because the world’s biggest game brands have begun to turn to more action games to attract a large number of gamers. After no longer focusing on the horror game series, Frictional Games suddenly launched a horror game with the Amnesia: The Dark Descent project, bringing a pure horror experience in its own right, becoming a phenomenon. in the gaming community, contributing to the revival of the genre, and proving its inherent value.

Over the next several years, the studio had to accept an impossible task that seemed impossible, which was to produce results that continued what The Dark Descent had built. As a result, Amnesia: Rebirth was born, and although it didn’t make as much of an impact on the game market as its predecessor, it was still a horror experience that appeals to horror game enthusiasts, and time is also an affirmation from Frictional Games: Amnesia has really “revived”.

How to Play Amnesia Rebirth

Nhãn sách phác thảo cho thấy câu chuyện xảy ra vào năm 1937
How to Play Amnesia Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth no longer takes gamers through the dark corridors of Brennenburg castle, but redirects to a much different context. In the context of the game, female engineer Tasi Trianon was stranded in the extremely harsh Algerian desert, lost her way and in the style of Amnesia has lost part of her memory. As the girl progresses, she discovers dark caves, long-forgotten cities, and strange otherworldly areas that she can enter thanks to a strange pendant. While Brennenburg Castle could be scarier, there aren’t many horror titles set in the desert, and while there are plenty of bright areas for players to explore, players themselves certainly don’t watch it. Light horror elements.

Along with great sound, Amnesia: Rebirt is truly a game worth experiencing that showcases the horror hidden within this game, proving this game is worthy of its title of master at cultivating tension, making it Even the most seasoned horror gamer can be “panic” many times before its scares. Amnesia: Rebirth scares gamers with scary zombies, or poor scares, but this game is spent a lot of time and effort that has created a suffocating atmosphere.

How to Play Amnesia Rebirth
How to Play Amnesia Rebirth

This game makes the player really face the scary and scary cuejc monsters. It will be a while before the creatures in Amnesia: Rebirth show their specific roles, but the developers are constantly revealing them in a variety of ways, from fleeting shadows, to voices. hissing in the dark.

Not knowing when to be attacked by monsters suddenly was certainly scarier than facing them continuously. The moments when Amnesia: Rebirth players have to run or hide before the monsters in the game are certainly scary, but the longer they go on, the more they lose that effect. Over time, the player will come to realize the monsters aren’t really a threat to Tasi, and a few captures by them often simply repeat the area, but without the risk of being caught. come back.

At the end of the game, gamers will realize that the monsters are no longer a big problem and they are more inconvenient than scary. The game’s weakness is clearly depicted in the last hours of play, when everything is just sneaking, and going straight to the end of the game. The plot of Amnesia: Rebirth is very interesting, with many different outcomes depending on how the player plays and how the player decides.

In addition to not being able to see easily, those who play this game forcing their protagonist to stay in a dark area for a long time will cause the fear of this female character to accumulate more and more. stamping and stress. This mechanism replaces the “crazy” mechanism in the previous section, and it will increase every time Tasi goes into a dark area for too long, or sees something disgusting.

If the fear gets too high, the game will randomly injure the player with unexpected scares, making an already terrifying experience even more horrifying. There’s almost no shortage of scary images for Tasi and Amnesia: Rebirth gamers to witness, and they’re all very realistic thanks to the game’s graphics quality, along with clever lighting handling. The game marks a leap forward for the franchise in terms of visuals, with overall details and polish superior to previous Amnesia games.

How to Play Amnesia Rebirth
How to Play Amnesia Rebirth

Anyone who feels like an Amnesia series fan should definitely try out Amnesia: Rebirth as soon as they get the chance and learn how to play the game. It is really scary, but more importantly, its gameplay is also very interesting, thanks to the physics puzzles that are not too complicated but still ensure to challenge the player. Although it failed to fulfill its mission of becoming a horror genre revolution like its predecessor (inherently impossible), Amnesia: Rebirth still outperforms most horror games today, and is a good choice for anyone looking for a terrifying experience this Halloween.

Hopefully, Amnesia Rebirth guides will help those of you who have never played FPS games and also those who are looking to learn How to Play Amnesia Rebirth before entering this battlefield from surprise and gain more combat experience. fight in the game.

How to Play Amnesia Rebirth
How to Play Amnesia Rebirth

Hope the above article has helped you understand more about the mechanics and How to Play Amnesia Rebirth. Good luck with your training and have fun playing the game!

So you know through some basic How to Play Amnesia Rebirth, what other interesting tips do you know that doesn’t know?

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