How to get the Ray Gun in Black Ops Cold War Zombies (Easter Egg)

There are a few hidden Easter Eggs inside of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Zombies mode that you can complete to breeze through the levels. Completing this particular Easter Egg will get you the infamous Ray Gun. The Ray Gun does incredible amounts of damage and has splash damage, allowing you to melt through hordes of zombies with no problem. Here’s how to get the Ray Gun in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Before proceeding with this walkthrough, you will have to make sure you know how to turn on the power and assemble the Pack-A-Punch machine. After you know how to do those tasks, you can get the Ray Gun with no problems.

How to get the Ray Gun in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Here’s how to get the Ray Gun in Black Ops Cold War Zombies:

  • Turn on the power
  • Assemble the Pack-A-Punch
  • Destroy five glowing orbs
  • Watch the Coffin Dance Event
  • Collect your Ray Gun

Destroy five glowing orbs

At this point, you have turned on the power and assembled the Pack-A-Punch machine. Now, five glowing orbs will spawn around the Particle Accelerator room. Assuming all our directions are based on standing in the power room facing the Pack-A-Punch machine, here are all the glowing orb locations:

Orb Location 1

From the power room, make your way to the left and look for the two computer terminals. There’s a chair on the ground in the crack between the two terminals. That’s where you can find the first blue glowing orb that you need to destroy.

Ray Gun Orb 1

Orb Location 2

Make your way to the right, staying on the platform. Crouch down, and you should see the next glowing orb underneath the pipes and vent area.

Ray Gun Orb 2

Orb Location 3

Jump down to the lower level, underneath where the Pack-A-Punch machine is located. You will find the third glowing orb in the corner, and it’s fairly challenging to see if you’re not looking for it.

Ray Gun Orb 3

Orb Location 4

The fourth glowing orb location is hard to explain. Go to the opposite side of the room, and make your way up the steps. Hop off the first staircase toward the right side of the room onto the ledge. Check in the corner for the next glowing orb.

Ray Gun Orb 4

Orb Location 5

For the final orb, climb up on the particle accelerator and look toward the ceiling. You should see the glowing orb in the far corner of the room near the roof.

Ray Gun Orb 5
After destroying the final orb, the Easter Egg event starts.

Watch the Coffin Dance Event

After destroying all five glowing orbs, you’ll enter an Aether Portal, and a unique event will start. The popular Coffin Dance meme will begin, at which point you get a break from slaying zombies. You cannot attack anything during the event, so don’t bother trying.

The zombies will slowly make their way to the Pack-A-Punch machine, after which point the crate they are carrying will drop to the ground. You’ll then return from the Aether Portal back into the regular world.

Collect your Ray Gun

Open up the crate that the zombies dropped for you in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine. There are many goodies in the chest, including high-grade and low-grade salvage, tomahawks, and bombs. Most importantly, though, is that you have a high chance to receive a Ray Gun. There is also a random perk inside that seems to be a Jug more often than not. Again, it’s not a guaranteed drop rate, but the chances of a Ray Gun are good.

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