How to become an Army General in BitLife

BitLife is a game where you can become anything, even an Army General. There are specific steps to follow for every little thing you want to do in the game. In the case of Army General, there are three requirements you need to meet. We’ll walk you through the process in the guide below. Here’s how to become an Army General in BitLife.

How to become an Army General in BitLife

To become an Army General in BitLife, you can follow these steps:

  • Graduate from High School and University
  • Join the Military as an Officer
  • Get promoted through the ranks to General

Start by doing well in school and graduating from secondary school, also known as High School. At the time of graduation, you are likely around eighteen years old. You can then begin applying for colleges. It doesn’t matter which major you want to go into if your only goal is to become an Army General. All that matters is you graduate from University and obtain a degree.

After all that is complete, you can open up your Activities tab and go to Military. Tap on Army and hit “Apply as an officer.” This step is essential because starting as an officer is the only way to work your way up through the ranks to General status. Once you enlist as an officer and are officially in the Military, make sure to continue working hard and complete your deployments. You will have to complete some simple Minesweeper minigames.

You will eventually get promoted to Captain and gradually work your way up the ranks to General. Some events and challenges have this task as a requirement, so it’s good to know how to do it, just in case. Now you know how to become an Army General in BitLife. Good luck!

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