Grounded Keyboard Controls PC

Grounded Keyboard Controls PC – All the keyboard controls, mouse settings and keybindings explained

Grounded Keyboard Controls PC

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Grounded Keyboard Controls PC – In-Game Mapping

  • W: Move forward
  • S: Move backward
  • A: Strafe left
  • D: Strafe right
  • Space: Swim up and also Jump
  • Ctrl: Swim down, Glide and also Crouch
  • N: Autorun
  • E: Use (Interact)
  • X: Cancel (Interact)
  • Mouse Left click: Attack
  • Mouse right click: Block
  • R: Throw
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Q: Equip previous item
  • U: Camera mode
  • Y: Trail or Backpack markers

Grounded Keyboard Controls PC – UI Mapping

  • Tab: ScaB Menu
  • I: Inventory menu
  • C: Crafting menu
  • M: Map menu
  • B: Building Radial
  • V: HotPouch radial
  • L: Ammo Radial
  • H: Emote Radial
  • T: Quickchat radial
  • Z: Executables radial
  • E: Next page or also Next radial page
  • Q: Previous page or also Previous radial page
  • D: Next tab
  • A: Previous tab
  • F: Equip item
  • Z: Drop item
  • Space: Consume item
  • O: Inspect item
  • R: Repair item
  • W: Item actions or also take all
  • Enter: Assign Hotpouch Slot or also chat
  • X: Unassign Hotpouch slot
  • Num: Narration more info

HotPouch Slots

  • V: HotPouch radial
  • Enter: Assign Hotpouch Slot
  • X: Unassign Hotpouch slot
  • 1: HoutPouch 1st slot
  • 2: HoutPouch 2nd slot
  • 3: HoutPouch 3rdt slot
  • 4: HoutPouch 4th slot
  • 5: HoutPouch 5th slot
  • 6: HoutPouch 6th slot
  • 7: HoutPouch 7th slot
  • 8: HoutPouch 8th slot

Construcion Mappings

  • B: Building Radial
  • Mouse Left click: Place building
  • Q: Rotate right (building)
  • E: Rotate left (building)
  • Mouse Left click: Cancel

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