GOG unexpectedly pulls troubled horror game Devotion just hours after its return is announced

Update: Earlier today, Red Candle Games announced that their horror game Devotion will be released on GOG. But now, according to a tweet from GOG itself, that no longer happens.

Earlier today, it was announced that the game Devotion will appear on GOG. After receiving many messages from gamers, we decided not to list the game in our store. December 16, 2020

This is a sudden (and confusing) decision. Who are these mysterious ‘gamers’ and what exactly did they say provoked GOG to pull the game? We have contacted the company for comment. In the meantime, you can read all about Devotion and its troubled history in the original article below.

GOG suddenly pulls troubled horror game Devotion mere hours after its return was announced

Original story: In early 2019, the independent horror game Devotion, considered pretty amazing by PCG, was discovered to be related to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. A piece of paper in the game mentions Xi, the word ‘moron’, and Disney character Winnie the Pooh: the following is a comparison that has been widely used to mock Xi, to the point that China forbids the entire Winnie the Pooh movie because of it.

Once this became public, things began to get worse for Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games. Chinese players began bombing the game constantly, unfathomed by the removal of the offending material. Soon after, the game was withdrawn from Steam by Red Candle itself.

This was not just a case of an out-of-control online controversy: the game’s indie event issue, which soon had its business license revoked, while Taiwanese developer Winking Entertainment also quietly withdrew. Amid fears that the game was being removed from history, Harvard University went on to ensure devotion, and the studio’s previous Detention games were kept in its East Asia collection.

Today, the developer announced that they will re-release Devotion via GOG on December 18.

Watch the trailer and you’ll get some concepts of how ‘nope’ this experience is, even without Disney references. Red Candle has been quietly working on the third game, as well as publishing Devotion in a limited physical version in Taiwan, but it’s great to see the return of this game. It was an iconic victory in front of a bad and small-minded internet crowd and almost ended up having a happy ending as this situation would happen.

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