Flipping Death – Ghost Cards & Challenges Guide

Chapter 1

Marching Band (0/3) [Have 3 people follow Miles while he’s playing the trumpet, (Got it near the birthday party)]

For Whom the Bell Tolls [Ring the Church Bell with Pokeman](This actually doesn’t matter with whom you do)

Granny Prix [Possess Priscilla, take her to the left side of town and do 20 second race towards the docks (Look for a ring near the ground)]

Get off my Lawn [Shoot Biff with George’s Mom after the house falls]

Apokealypse (0/10) [Poke all the people in town with Pokeman; do it after the house falls because thats when all the characters will be available. (George’s Mom will be a tricky one to poke, just jump and poke and you will eventually get it)] (And don’t go inside the house with George, or else you can restart the chapter)

Chapter 2

Ice Cold Killer [Possess Ronald, take him to the police station’s basement and feed ice scream to George]

Sharing the Birden (0/10) [Possess the Bird and poop on 10 characters]

Cake Mun.cher [Possess Tina and eat the cake]

Baby Dropped In [Possess the Vulture, go to the junkyard, find the baby carriage (is hanging off the end of a crane), take it and donate it at the Doctor’s office]

Wheelie Wonder [Once you return Jenny to her body, drive her bike towards the right side of the map, right next to Bo are 3 hanging buckets, hit them all with the bike] (And apperantly if you drive to far right she gets of her bike, pay attention)

P.S. Why Mun.cher gets censord ?

Chapter 3

Firewatch (0/3) [Posses the fireman and put out 3 fires (1 at the dock, 2 near the fire station)]

Earning your Wings [Once Tina gets the gum, go next to the police station and complete the small race (You will find another ring)]

Judge, Jury and Hexecutioner [Once the magician gets his powers, visit George in jail and use the wand on him]

Sinking of the Fishes [Once the frog is in the water (Hint: water fountain), there will be a missile coming out of a sunken submarine on left side of the map. You will have to move the missile towards the right side of the map twice (without hitting any walls), once for story purposes and another towards the far right side of the map, where the mermaid was initially located. Your goal is to have the missile hit the boat full of fishes (I would recommend staying in front of the missile while its moving since you can actually somewhat stop it, giving you bit of leeway to realign the missile).]

Ghost of Christmas Past [Take Jenny to the house where the presents fell down the chimney]

Chapter 4

Nine Hit Wonder (0/9) [On the right side after the starting the chapter, there will be a couple talking to each other, listen to them 9 times (Make sure you hear the Blacksmith comment on each time)]

Blaze of Glory (0/4) [Once Vera is free, light up 4 cauldrons]

Jailhouse Baroque [Control George and Lick the Policeman]

Don’t Fear the Reaper [As Penny go towards the right side of the map and talk to Death]

Chapter 5

Under the Sea [Possess the crab and got towards the far left of the map to the rock figure resembling the mermaid]

Fly Swatter (0/11) [As Penny you must hit some fly-like monsters with your scythe, they are in high spots all over the map]

Blue Screen Shoes [After you activate Robot Elvis with Priscilla, possess the police officer and hack Robot Elvis]

There is No Cow Challenge (0/5) [Once you unlock the alien queen and her ship, use her to abduct 5 cows]

Moonshine find the Holy Spirits [Possess Moonshine and take him to the church]

Lasers Through Time [Find the ghost of Captain Heropants and then his nemesis Dr. Laser *This is a hidden challenge for the trophy “A Hero and his villain”]

Chapter 6

Appreciate the Art (0/3) [After you start the chapter, go towards the left and examine Harold’s 3 art pieces]

Horneo, Oh, Horneo [Possess Horneo and use the trumpet on the woman on top of the wind mill]

A Wolf Among Us [Possess the wolf and howl at every character in the chapter
(avoid having Tina follow you towards Harold otherwise the challenge might get locked and you will have to replay the chapter)

La Polpetta Origins (0/3) [Possess the Baker and find the ingredients to make his spaghetti and meatballs recipe. The flour is at the wind mill, Ronald has the meat and the priest has the water]

A Laser to the Past [ A continuation of the Lasers Through Time challenge, find Dr. Laser in this chapter and after you finish the game, go and find him again in Chapter 3.]

Final Chapter

Save Everyone [Simple, once you charge up your new power, free everyone in the chapter]

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