Farming Simulator 19 – How To Repair Vehicles And Machinery?

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In Farming Simulator 19vehicles and machines lose their durability and efficiency. As for vehicles, you can easily check whether they are damaged or not – this is presented in the bottom right corner, above the speedometer. As for machines, you have to check their status in the vehicle overview screen.

  • Remote repairing
  • Repairing in the workshop behind the shop
  • Repairing in your own workshop

Remote Repairing

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To repair a vehicle or a machine, open the owned items screen and select an item you want to repair.

Repairing In The Workshop Behind The Shop

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However, you can pay less for repairing by going behind the shop and reaching the zone where you can modify/sell items.

Repairing In Your Own Workshop

how to repair vehicles and machinery 4

The game gives you the option to build your own workshop. Go to Shop -> Placeables -> Miscellaneous -> Vehicle Workshop. This buildings cost $28,000. However, it allows you to repair and modify vehicles in your parcel.

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