Farming Simulator 19 – Felsbrunn Map

The Felsbrunn Map

The European map is called Felsbrunn. This is pure beauty!

fs 19 felsbrunn map

Felsbrunn is the second default map available for Farming Simulator 19. The map above shows the size of the fields you can purchase and cultivate. A table with the list of field sizes can be found below. The Felsbrunn map features:

  • Buildings, terrain and vegetation typical of southern Germany,
  • Fields are often sloped, but usually have regular shapes,
  • Be careful, because many fields have obstacles (e.g. boulders) around them, which make field work difficult (especially for employed helpers): however, the fields are often very cheap.
  • The majority of fields is medium size, often with the possibility of combining smaller fields into a bigger one,
  • Large dispersion of purchase points in different parts of the map,
  • Mainly coniferous trees that grow densely as a rule – it’s a favorable location for wood industry.

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