Fantasy General II – Graphics Options

Graphics Options – 101

fantasy general 2 graphics options 1

  • Shadow Resolution: Low (reduces shadow resolution -> softer shadows, this will also reduce the distance at which shadows are visible)
  • Animation Quality: Low (I doubt anybody can see any difference)
  • Fog Of War Quality: 1 or 0 (less noisy Fog of War)
  • Farm Clutter: High (‘Very High’ has DX11, animated Fields – only affects Borderlands and Empire themed maps)

More FPS

If you want to crank out even more FPS I would suggest to turn down the following settings step by step.

fantasy general 2 graphics options 2

  • Texture Quality (lower texture resolution -> you might get blurry textures)
  • Visual Clutter (less objects scattered around)
  • Farm Clutter (less farms – only affects Borderlands and Empire themed maps)

Last Resort

If you tried the tips from above and you’re still not satisfied you can always fiddle around with the usual suspects. I would go from top to bottom until you are satisfied.

  1. Turn off Bloom
  2. Reduce or disable Anti Aliasing
  3. Reduce Logic Clutter (less trees in forests, less rocks on rough terrain, …)
  4. Turn off shadows (Shadow Quality)
  5. Lower Resolution

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